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What company to post a bike with?

I'm selling a bike, can get hold of a box, but not sure who to post it with.

Which companies have you used before? and how much does it cost?


  • Haven't shipped bikes before but I know a bit about couriers from exports experience (shipping in UK also).

    Usual suspects I suppose, DHL, Fedex, Parcelforce, etc. Best off getting some quotes but Parcelforce are fairly competitive these days for UK parcels.They have a delivery calculator http://www.pfwwsg.parcelforce.com/portal/pw/PriceFinder?catId=24400720&reset=true&gear=pricingcalc which will give you an indication of costs. Not as easy to get a quick quote from the other major couriers as they usually prefer accounts to be set up first and I think the other major players work off volumetric weight which isn't a true representation of the parcel weight so the prices rocket if its large but lightweight due to the space it takes up on vehicles/planes

    Insurance can easily double the overall cost depending on insurance amount so you could be looking in the region of £45 for 15kg worth £1000. Whereas 15kg might be just over £20 with only the standard amount of cover, as an example.

    All I'd say is make sure its well packaged and plenty of protection for the bike, and take out the insurance too.
  • han382han382 Posts: 80
    For what it's worth I posted a bike I had sold last month through Parcel Force. It cost just over £20, and they came and collected the bike from my house to deliver it the next day. It got there in the time frame they gave and the bike hadn't been destrooyed-I can't fault the service at all.
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