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Long distance race - bottle swaps?

So I’m doing my first Middle distance race in under 2 weeks and I’m wondering how the feed stations work, specifically with the drinks, will I be given new fully filled bottles or do I have to stop and refill my bottles? I suspect I will be given filled bottles? In that case what do I do with the empties? Does this mean I will lose the 2 bottles I start with and shouldn’t use my good ones? And I’ll also get to keep the replacement bottles afterwards?

Any advice/knowledge is greatly appreciated.. I’m loathed to use my favourite bottles



  • cammykcammyk Posts: 36
    you'll get full or partially full bottles at the drink stations so unless you want to use your own drinks then have at least one bottle cage free to take one onboard. At the next bottle point drop the empty and pick up a new. I've recycled my own bottles thru this as well given they only cost a couple of quid and you get a new one anyway. I've never seen any rules on having to drop off one before you get one given. Make sure you are ready to grab on the move...you WILL need to slow down.
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