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Ironman UK 2010 or Ironman Switzerland 2010

bbambbam Posts: 30
I have been doing triathlon for 3 years now, doing a handful of Half Ironman's, a lot of olympics and a few sprints, aswell as many half marathons. I now feel I am ready to have a good crack at a Full Ironman in 2010.

However I don't know which one to choose, I'm looking at Ironman UK 2010 in Bolton or Ironman Switzerland 2010. Can anyone give me advice on how good either of these are to help me make my decision!?

Many thanks!!



  • personally I did the IMUK this year and wasn't that impressed, the whole course annoyed me a bit, but that is just my opinion. My problems (other than injury and sickness) were that I just didn't feel like I could get in a rhythym on the bike and the run course was just a bit boring. Plus the organisation was not exactly brilliant, but it was their first year and I am sure that they will iron (i am witty!!) out any problems before next year!
  • bbambbam Posts: 30
    Thanks for the reply. I'v never been a fan of TRIUK, and Iv heard from friends that the organisation was poor. However I did the UK70.3 this year and last year and the organisation seemed a lot better this year.

    Can I ask, was the run at IMUK flat?
  • I did the HIUK this year also and the difference in organisation was huge, they couldn't have been more different, it might just have been the weather but the atmosphere at the IM was just not the same.

    The run course is quite hilly, there are some nasty little hills when they make you run round this park twice and the run on the "back" part (it is an out-back-out again course) was pretty much all up hill, but then again the "out" legs are downhill (by this I mean that on average they are downhill, not just one long 8 mile downhill)
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