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Diary keeping

I am doing more training in the last few weeks and I have started to enjoy it more and more. KLooking forward to building a solid winter base and gain endurance and strength.

Do any of you keep a training diary with info on distances, speed, weather, HR readings etc.

I don’t but think I should… is it a worthwhile thing to do. ?


  • clv101clv101 Posts: 45
    I do and find it very valuable. It's an Excel spreadsheet. Row for each day going back around three years now. Tracks swimming, biking and running, records distances, times, speeds, which bike, which trainers etc. Also if/when injuries occur so I'll know what I did before and how much recovery was needed.

    This enables me to track improvements, also track the amount of training I was doing the month before a race last time. Total mileage on the trainers and bikes.

    For example, I'm doing the Bristol half marathon on the 6th Sept. By looking back at the last few years I know that I'm running more often, further and faster in the month before this HM than I every have before.

    I'd highly recommend recording everything in a log.
  • I kept a diary (haven't filled it in for two weeks). I do mine online at www.triblogs.com, very useful.
  • Cheers Lads.... Thanks

    Looks like something else I have to do.... the WAT officer is going to love me.

    Slowly and bit by bit my place is fast becoming like a Tri Shop.

  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    I use Sporttracks (http://www.zonefivesoftware.com/SportTracks/) works nicely with my Garmin 705 and Forerunner 50 and also fairly useful for swimming logs. You can categorise all the activities under whatever headings you create, store info on body weight, fat % blood pressure etc and it will show routes on Google maps with one of the plugins. It is free as well. Used MapMyTri before but found it a bit too cumbersome to use.
  • gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    blimey i've just got a notepad with a page for each discipline! useful to keep - i'm running 30 secs faster on the same course than i did 2 years ago, not much but made me feel better!
  • I started to use a spreadsheet a few years ago , tweaked it a fair bit since then with some feedback from this forum. been selling it for loose change since. still get lots of feed back and update it when I can
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