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first try at T2

Hi all

am going to attempt my first ever go at T2 tonite. Gonna bike from my house, then when I get back am gonna go for 5k run...

any tips on the setting up of my gear?

Any more tips at all really as its my first go and will just be going on what I have been told so far

get gear ready to go

have a box for any gear I am taking off


am probably worrying over nothing, i just want to do it correctly from the off



  • meakiemeakie Posts: 124
    u swam in one before? I first swam in my tri wetsuit last yr when training for the great north swim. I just used it outdoors, didnt go near a pool in it.

    They are a fab piece of kit, bouyant and warm, brill!

    if you havent already you will soon know what I mean!


    p.s if anyone gives u funny looks, say you are training for the next lara croft film!
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    4. I dont have bike shoes I will be wearing my running trainers for my first tri. so the sock swap will come at T1 then huh.

    any more tips?

    Yes. Talcum powder, lot of talcum powder. And possibly a dry flannel or hand towel to just get the worst of the wet off the soles of your feet. I guess it depends on your socks, but 10 seconds with the towel could save you a minute of frustrated screaming while you try to get your socks onto wet feet.

    Personally, I use very old shortie sports socks that are very stretchy. I put a load of talc in them, and have some Vas or Glide rubbed onto any known wear spots in my runners (this has all changed as I have a new pair of runners now). My socks go like a cone shape when I put my hands in to pull them out, so it costs v little time.

    Personally, the socks go on in T2 for me. I cycle with my bare feet in my bike shoes but couldn't run without socks in my old runners. I'll try soon in my new runners to see if the situation has improved. Fingers crossed.
  • brizzichickbrizzichick Posts: 166
    I did my first baby tri last year (brighton) and didn't wear socks...I didn't find it bad at all...(that's probably cause I didn't run fast!)...trained without socks to see if I could do it for the race but I did put loads of talc in my shoes...one thing that really helped me is curly laces in my trainers...they are great as they stay on and a tiny pull to tighten and they don't move...i think that really helped with transition (well I could be dreaming!) I got mine in oz but know you can get them on the internet.

    I also wear a 2 piece tri kit (aka v little padded bike shorts and singlet top)...it saves changing and you can wear it under your wetsuit (if in lake or sea) and don't even need to think about changing for bike or run....
  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    Won't you just look like you're in a normal (for women) one piece swimsuit?
    [quote]ORIGINAL: Jules

    done this and still caused raised eyebrows but worth doing just need to plot to do a swim and then onto bike - will have to organise off spring to be on duty lifeguard so can do T2 and leave bike in pool changing room.
  • meakiemeakie Posts: 124
    Hey I did it

    I did my first T2 practice :-)

    went well, didnt do massive distance but did 30 mins on the bike then a 2.5 mile run and I could have done more. Am happy with that.

    My legs were a wee bit jelly-like and then went a bit rock like but I pushed through the start of the run and managed to keep my pace on my run the same as when I usually just run, so happy days!

    I know I still have to do further but its a good start and an idea of how I will get on.

    Felt good :-)

    How am I gonna to T1 when I dont have a pool near my bike!? ... could get out the bath all wet I spose then run down the stairs into the garden [:)]
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Get the hose out in the garden (that's what I'm intending on doing)... And no it's not a euphemism for something else!!!

    Just got to make sure the neighbours ain't watching. Might look a wee bit strange.
  • meakiemeakie Posts: 124
    lol! the things we do huh!
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Not that much point stressing over T1, though I will concede it may be worthwhile trying to cycle in wet shorts to see if they rub. In sporting terms T2 is tough because you been using your legs on the bike in completely the wrong way for running.

    IMHO the biggest physiological issue going from swim to bike is simply standing up. You might not notice it at the time, but usually afterwards you will realise you made some odd decisions, got things in the wrong order, had a bit of tunnel vision etc. You can practice this by simply having a good tough swim, say 400m, then getting straight out of the pool. Even better if you can go outside and just jog around in circles for a minute (simulating the run into T1). You'll be wobbly.

    The mechanics of T1 will involve taking a wet-suit off, putting a hat on, and sticking wet feet into either cycle shoes or trainers. I guess this is quite easy to practice without a swimming pool. What I'm saying is that you can cover the aspects of T1 without actually having to get out of a pool and cycling off down the road.

    T2 is usually where the problems lie.
  • meakiemeakie Posts: 124
    thanks for the tips Bopomofo.

    Re the wetsuit, mine is a pool tri so I wont be needing me wetsuit this time round

    when i am next at the gym and doing my swim, I will try the get out of the pool and run for a bit scenario, dont know if they would let me thru the reception area dripping wet tho.. hmmm
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Flavadave wrote:

    Get the hose out in the garden (that's what I'm intending on doing)... And no it's not a euphemism for something else!!!

    Just got to make sure the neighbours ain't watching. Might look a wee bit strange.

    Did that a few years ago before my first ever race. Didn't want to mess up T1, so tried at home to get out wetsuit properly and all other T1-stuff. Wetsuit on, entered my 2-year olds(3 years ago) inflatable pool, splashed around and then on to the bike.

    Super hilarious stuff for the spectators, if only I could have been one of them.[:D][:D]

  • meakiemeakie Posts: 124
    [:D] nice one benny! that made me smile
  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    plot to have a full go at all elements Sunday morning just hoping that most of the village is still asleep[:D]
  • meakiemeakie Posts: 124
    I am still trying to work out if I can leggit out of the gym pool in my swimsuit and shout "fire fire" or "mouse mouse!" and then be able to run out into the car park and get on me bike all wet!

  • d1j1m1d1j1m1 Posts: 4
    Afternoon all. My issues seem to slot into this thread quite nicely:

    I'm doing my first pool-based tri in Stratford (200m/23km/2.5km) next month, but I can't work out what to wear?!

    1. Tri-suit all the way, and grab a number belt in T1?


    2. Trunks for swim and grab cycling shorts and vest with numbers on in T1, and run in cycling shorts? But then is it better just to swim in cycling shorts, or is that stupid?

    That still leaves me wondering about cycling shoes/trainers/T2/clipless pedals/toe clips etc but I'm sure that's been covered many times in other threads....!

    Many Thanks
  • Hi d1j1m1,

    The Stratford super sprint will also be my first attempt at this rather perplexing sport! Thought I'd go for a smaller distance event because i) Wanted to practice the transitions before going longer ii) Swimming really doesn't like me!

    With respect to what to wear; I'm going for Tri Shorts. You can comfortably swim in them and they provide a modicum of comfort on the bike. Plan is then to have a cycling top with the relevant numbers pinned on, so I can quickly change into in T1. (well, like to think it will be quick!)

    Hope it goes well for you,
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    d1j....do the tri suit thing, but grab your bike as well as a number belt. See you at Stratford?
  • nikkasnikkas Posts: 10
    practise. practise. practise.

    have a shower then try putting on your cycling gear.

    take a few seconds to towel off in the transition - don't panic (he says glibly!)

    don't bother with socks

    don't worry about comfort - are you a man or mouse?


  • d1j1m1d1j1m1 Posts: 4
    Ha! Sound advice Britspin!

    Yeah I'm just doing the short distance though as a warm up for Blenheim. As long as my knee holds out.
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