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Shin pain after cycling

Hello all,

On Sunday I did my first longish bike ride of about 50 miles. The furthest I’d gone before this was about 25 miles. My legs felt a little sore on the shins afterwards but nothing I would call painful.

On Monday I did running club and on Tue morning swimming.

Now my shins hurt quite a bit more, especially if I try to jog as I did for a bus this morning.
Has anyone had shin splints from cycling? I’ve never got this before from cycling or running.



  • I would have a look at the insole in your bike shoes, a carbon sole has no flex which is great for power transmition but crap fior absorbing things like riders weight etc....

    I know of a few riders that have had custom insoles fitted to their shoes and these are good way of increasing comfort. Ice the shins and get back out there.............
  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    If its still painful then give yourself a couple of days rest - don't risk injury if you already feel any sensitivity.

    Maybe some light stretching to see if that give you some relief
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