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Recovering after Ironman

md6md6 Posts: 969
OK all you Ironmen out there, I'm doing my first IM (Switzerland) in 2010, and the GAT officer is making some noises about 'doing' something while we're there. Now I don't think i need to tell you people that I AM DOING something while i'm there, but she seems slightly oblivous/obtuse on this and wants to sightsee etc. It seems fair enough as she's giving up some time to come and watch me do something she really doesn't care about other than it takes me away from her and it costs a lot. So the question is, if I am going to be forced to sightsee (are there any 'sights' in Zurich?) is it better to do it before the race, or will I be ok to do a bit of sightseeing the following day?

We took the day after approach for the Paris Half marathon (I know, i know worlds apart) and we spent the afternoon of the race walking about and then the following 2 days doing the same. It seemed to help with the recovery.




  • i could walk afterwards (just), but then again I was overtaken by pretty much everyone, including an OAP with a zimmer frame, so I might not be the best to comment. Walking would be good for easing those aching muscles tho!
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Mate, I'm in the same boat and I'll be doing whatever the wife wants to do!

    After a year of indulging my (early) mid life crisis, turning a blind eye to my frivolous spending behaviour (well most of the time), and the countless hours spent standing still whilst waiting for me to shuffle past every few hours at numerous events and still having the enthusiasm to scream my name like I'm in with a chance of winning... I'll be treating her like a queen and not grumbling one bit.

    Well I say that now of course.
  • matt333matt333 Posts: 32
    I took my girlfriend to a spa place near Bolton the day after the Iron Man, she loved it and I spent the day getting massaged and relaxing…I think it really helped my recovery too as I was fine the day after that. Seemed like a good way to make up for the neglect and make my self feel better at the same time!
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Now that is a storming idea Matt!
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    Matt, you are a genius! I will have to look into that for the day after the race. Brilliant!
  • I went a different route, I dumped my girlfriend a week before and therefore no post race thank you required! Who said romance was dead!
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