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Old Street Roundabout


If anyone rides this in London - please take care - I've heard of loads of incidents recently (and one death).

Last night i had to wait with a chap who was under a car for the ambulance to arrive - someone turned left without looking (i think) - knocking him off and driving over his shoulder.

I wasn't going to go over but some passers-by were trying to get hime to move out from under the car Not good when he's got neck pain.

The missus was well chuffed with me riding past it this morning - but what can you do...


  • Hi, I am on that route too, its a horrible roundabout. I went past about 07h10 this morning and nothing had happened then? Maybe it was a bit later? Sent a shiver through me when I just saw you post. It defo is a free for all when the lights go..

    Stay safe buddy..

  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Bl00dy hell Will, that must have been pretty traumatic for you... Fair play for stopping Will and take it steady out there mate.

    That goes for everyone!
  • willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    Yea - it wasn't too nice - he was not in a very good way - certainly brought it home...and it can't be said often enough - ride defensively!!

    The only plus point is that the ambulance motorbike was there about 90 seconds after they were called.
  • There is a ghost bike a few hundred yards up the road, you may have seen it, the Goswell Rd junction, same place i saw a Motorcycle courier get knocked off too.. You got to have you witts about you for sure..
  • willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    Ghost bike??? Is that what the white bikes are about then???
  • Yeah, they indiacte where someone has been killed. Its two fold really, one as a memorial and two to highlight to drivers of buses cabs cars vans etc.. There are lots in London, i think they are quite good as they do make people think, although the Council are quite keen on removing them after a while.. Now you know, you'll be disheartened at how many you see :-(
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262

    I've just got a few degrees colder, despite the temperature.
  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    Jack Hughes wrote:

    I've just got a few degrees colder, despite the temperature.
    Thats not the most comprehensive list - theres another google maps based site that shows all reported bike accidents. For the sake of sanity please dont look for it if you live in London!
  • sportevesporteve Posts: 141
    gosh guys, this sent shivers down my spine and seeing the picture of the ghost bikes brought tears to my eyes .....
    i am not an experienced cyclist and every day that i get on the road i feel a little better in the hope that it has added a bit more to my experience and things can only get better ...then you see this and you wonder why bother and why not stick to walking or bus-ing it every day.....and you have boris with his cycling week etc, doesnt it say something that he almost got killed himself when cycling too?
    very noble thing what you've done will, i live around old st and i have never been on the roundabout now i read this i probably never will either, there are many little sideways and shortcuts that are quiet around there btw guys that might be worth checking out
    i also find the highbury and islington roundabout quite scary and a crossing on new norrh road i have to use every morning so i get off and cross both by the traffic lights ....better look stypid than be sorry my moto on this one....
  • willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    Just looking for some tips on not getting hit on the web and this seems pretty good.


    It's for the US so you have to do exactly the opposite of what it's telling you but seems like pretty good advice!!

    The one about not passing on the left would have stopped the accident i saw.

    Mrs Willtri is now even more worried than in the past...
  • aoneill69aoneill69 Posts: 206
    had seen one of these (whilst going in a taxi) and never knew what they were....very sick feeling...
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Suffice to say I have not mentioned any of the subject matter in this thread to the wife.

    Some things she just doesn't need to know.
  • sportevesporteve Posts: 141
    all that being said -and i dont want to play the devil's advocate here - the are some cyclists out there who are total a*******s ...i have seen people doing insane things on the road
    as cyclists we need safety, laws and awareness etc but sometimes it is also good not to tempt your own fate by playing stuntman in the streets trying to see how many mad (and illegal) moves you can get away with
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    there was a cyclist hit by a car on my commute route two days ago. it's a main road (a4) and the numbers of cyclists i see daily i can count on one hand. i passed the site and saw the flowers and police markings on the road this morning and i'll be honest it's weighing on my mind a bit.

    it's a straight bit of road, wide enough for 3 or 4 cars, not too fast (40), it was a clear day, and where she was hit wasn't that close to the junctions that were on the opposite side from the accident. she was wearing a helmet but those things can only do so much.

    i had a car get a bit too close not far from it today and wanted to chase them down and show them that this is what happens when you leave too little space. doesn't take much, and it takes even less effort from everyone on the road (cyclists and motorists together) to prevent it.

    i sound like a right maudlin sod, and the cricket ain't helping.
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