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3.8 or V:1?

I though I would ask the amassed expertise - which is better an orca 3.8 or the 2XU V:1 suit? I do most of my swimming with my upper body and I really like both but am a bit torn on which to go for...



  • Free WillyFree Willy Posts: 63
    Hi Combatdwarf

    Do not rule out the Blue Seventy Helix, I was always worried about having a full wetsuit as my swimming is not great (all arms and no legs!) and did not think I would be able to move my arms properly (well properly to me) I was fortunate to be able to trial one of these before IMNZ and whereas most people swam a couple of hundred metres out and back they Blue Seventy looked a bit concerned (according to my wife) when I set off down the swim course, I swam close to 1K and found it fantastic. I had prevously tried on various wet suits in shops etc and found them all to be unbearable. Over here the bigger events usually have expos and trials of various things or you have to speak nicely to a distributor.

    So what I believe you should try to do is try to get a decent trial swim (open water) in as many suits as possible and go with the one that feels right for you to be able to swim in, ie flexibility/bouyancy/warmth etc. I was fortunate that they did not have a new one to purchase before the IM otherwise I may have been tempted to use it for the first time in anger, I bought one a couple of weeks later and it did take a few swims to be happy with it to complete 2-3k, ie. working out what bits need 'body gliding'!

    Good luck in choosing to correct suit for you, remember it does not matter how good the reviews are if it does not feel right try another one, they all feel bad in the shops, having a swim is the only way to know if it will work for you, and practice a good few times before an event (getting in and out of it as well).


  • WannabetriWannabetri Posts: 219
    I recently bought the 2XU V:1 and love it, but I have quite a powerful kick. The V:1 doesn;t have any additional bouyancy in the lower part of the legs in a bid to increase kick propulsion. If you're kick is weak and not efficient then the additional bouyancy in the 2XU E:1 may help.

    Having said that the V:1 has staggering technology to aid the overall glide and streamlining, while helping 'grab' more water in the catch phase.

    I love the suit and have been posting PB's since I got it. It would be a great investment.
  • paulfitzpaulfitz Posts: 67
    Off back of this,anyone got any ideas on Comp1, and how it compares to V1, especially in lower leg bouyancy?

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