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Relacement drinks for long distance training


I am increasing my training sessions - what are the best replacement rinks to use for my bike runs?


  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    replacement for what exactly?


  • I used to think SIS were the best. Now I'm moving my preference to High 5, but this is based purely on taste which for me is a big issue. The last thing I need is to get fed up of drinking on a long run.
  • You must know more about each type of sports drink .
    Every drink has its place in during training.
    The below will help you decide

    HYPERTONIC DRINKS – Hyper means more. (10%)
    This type of drink is known as a high energy drink and has a concentration of 10 % which is much higher in carbohydrate than isotonic drinks. They provide large amounts of quick energy but hydration is much slower than an isotonic drink which is absorbed into the body the quickest. Getting the balance right between enough energy & hydration is crucial for optimum performance.
    We are all different and you need to adapt your drinks to also suit the environment so don’t use the same drinks for all conditions

    HYPOTONIC DRINKS – Hypo means below. (3-4%)
    This type of drink is known as a carbohydrate –electrolyte drink and has a concentration of 3-4 % which is lower in carbohydrate than isotonic drinks.
    This drink will contain electrolytes like sodium needed to maintain performance.

    ISOTONIC DRINKS contain 5-8% (5-8grams of carbohydrate per 100ml of water)
    Most drink manufacturers use this concentration in their ready to drink sports drinks. 5-8% is considered to be the best ratio to improve absorption & performance.
    This should be your preferred choice of drink for most events lasting more than 20 minutes
    For more detailed info check out Ithe ironmate for more detailed information .

    Protein drinks should be taken 10 minutes after you have had 200 ml of carbohydrate drink

    Good luck
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