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Stockton Tri?

Anyone out there doing this at the weekend?

I've just revised down my goals and signed up for the super sprint - still in pain after falling off that horse ten days ago so it didn't seem like a good idea to do the longer run.


  • OhneillOhneill Posts: 15
    Doing it - weather forecast is looking pants though - mind you I interviewed one of the canoe rescue people the other day so I'll be hoping for a friendly tow
  • durhamvamdurhamvam Posts: 246
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  • I competed at Stockton yesterday. Only one race number per competitor, which because not everyone had a race belt they decided that those without a belt could wear the number on the front of their clothing for the bike.
    No freebies which is'nt here or there really i.e t-shirt, mug. No indoor facilities only one's car and portable toilet.
    As for the prize presentation only one prize per category i.e 1st overall 1st vet of all vets no over 50 or 60 etc awards, no 2nd or 3rd in any category.
    Perhaps the low entry this year was a reflection on last year, and people obviously doing either 2 or 3 laps on the bike instead of 4, and others breaking the World record for 10km on the run having only done 5km (went left instead of right at the course split point) being included in the results overall, which is ridiculous.
    I came across a runner coming towards me on the run, he had obviously gone on the 10k course instead of turning left and following the the 5k course for the sprint, realised this and turned around. I'm afraid when you are breathing through every oriface on the 3rd discipline just to keep going, you have to have things made obvious on technical courses i.e someone at the split point shouting at the competitors to make sure they go the correct way, as they can easily follow the competitor in front who is in another event, and by the finish you had 3 events finishing at the same time, standard, sprint and super sprint. This is the 2nd event this summer i've done where the sprint race has started at a time after the standard has started where everyone ends up on the bike course in the second half of the standard race, and no one knows who is in the lead or even won at the end of the run, as the winner of the sprint came in 7 mins before the winner of the standard.
    The bike course although very technical with 2 dead turns on each lap was excellent in organization with road closures, that i take my hat off to, but i think the event organizers are not triathletes and they should look at the event from a triathletes view point for next year. Lets not drive people away from events that could be very good and end up like most run races, 70% of the overall entries being vet over 40 or 80% over 35.
  • Sorry to hear that you didn't have a great time on Sunday Californiakid. I don't really have enough experience to compare the event with but I agree with you that the marshelling could have been less static - some idea of what direction to go in aside from the arrows would have been nice. Perhaps I was much later than you past the run split since I did get shouted at to go the right direction, I think that without that I might have gone the wrong way....

    Presumably when they put the final results up as opposed to the provisional ones they will take out the people who obviously didn't go far enough?

    I didn't mind not getting a goodie bag since I assumed that with the small entry, money had gone on road closures etc. You're right that more than 4 portaloos would have been nice!

    However, I did have a good time.
  • Californiakid wrote:
    No freebies

    As for the prize presentation only one prize per category i.e 1st overall 1st vet of all vets no over 50 or 60 etc awards, no 2nd or 3rd in any category, in 38 years of competing in either running or Triathlon i've never come across this...
    If your that bothered with prizes and awards, HTFU and win your age group...........
  • No i'm not bothered about prizes, i'm just comparing the event with others, an event organizer is there to make a living and will cut corners on expenditure, a triathlon club organized event has the personal touch and is there to put on the best possible event for the athlete's. I've done enough of the 2 types of triathlon organized event to make a comparison.
    Outside of the elite category triathlon World where the prizes are cash, the prizes are usually of little value or use.
  • Fully agree with some of the comments - take my lead and complain. I did within 4 hours of completing.

    1 - Poor marking of swim course - why didn't they use large inflatable buoys for ease of sighting? - I personally found the other markers from the water ski course confusing.

    2 - the exit from the water was extremely slippy - mats required to cover slime (it took me 2 or 3 goes to get my footing) and according to my partner there was glass in the transition area.

    3 - there were some very narrow parts on the bike course (approaching David Lloyds)

    4 - No momento/goody bag. Many people like something to remember an event by. The race site states 'All competitors will receive a trophy on completion of the event' - so where were they?

    The actual basis for the event is sound - it just needs a bit of tweaking to make it a good event.

    For the record, finished the sprint in 1.25.46 (although suffered from a little cramp on 2nd bike loop & at the start of the run - probably lost me a couple of minutes) - roll on Newbiggin on the 13th
  • Just an up date - no reply as yet to my complaints, but I was talking to a friend who was wakeboarding down at the swim course on the Saturday and the organisers were asking if the minded them starting to mark out the swim course - they said no problem - they were then asked if they had any buoys to borrow!
    I think if a triathlon club had organised this event it would have been much improved.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I made a comment on another thread about Tri clubs getting together to put on SuperSprints, no frills, no prizes, no T shirts - tenner or so a shot, applause and a certificate for the podium places. Just like TT events, turn up pay your £3 and you're off. The reason why I say SuperSprints is:
    1 to encourage newbies
    2 solves the train or race dilema you do both and
    3 encourages take up of the Tria association annual membership, if I do 6 races a year it is cheaper to cough up £5 a time for a day licence than £50 for the annual fee, whereas I do 6 main events and 4 or 5 of these SuperSprint events annual membership becomes more attractive.

    If several clubs got together the benefits for them would be to generate more interest in club membership, create a competetive training environments and they can share resources. Just a thought.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Gosh Durhamvam - where are my manners - it matters not - well done you! In fact as the only female entrant the pressure must have been there, you met it and overcame it - hurrah!
  • I watched the Tri having decided not to enter due to high cost and some negative feedback. I was really amazed there was not an accident on the bike course as the "professional" traffic management company were a joke allowing buses and cars to merge into one lane of traffic alongside the riders, no-one seemed to know who was in charge and at one point a car had to brake suddenly to avoid a cyclist.

    No goody bag? I have two great events this year with loads of freebies and great atmosphere and safe courses...glad I didn't enter Stockton in the end.
  • The Stockton triathlon homepage is still online, and describes how expierienced they are having organized triathlons in Britain as well as abroad.
    I still can't believe they are including people in the results who cycled a lap short or who did 5km instead of 10km on the run. It won't change as last years results are the same, a super vet finishing 2nd having done half the run distance.
    Truth is they've put the event on, the event's over and the profit split, now onto the next one.
    I can only imagine that the event organizers name is used on a franchise basis and the other events they have put on around the country and abroad, if true, will have been with different people.
    I'm just kicking myself for not bringing along a camcorder to the event and have one of my supporters taping the swim exit, the swimmers trying to climb out of deep water straight onto a slipway, then if successful at pulling oneself onto it you then had to stand up on green slime, one step forward 2 back, i grabbed someone who was on all fours and managed to climb over him before he slipped back into the water. Hilarious where the comment's of the spectator's, £250 i could have netted off Harry Hills Caught on camera.
  • wedotriwedotri Posts: 5
    This race has not been particularly positively received. However for 2010 Stockton Council, who really do want this to be a top class triathlon, have appointed local triathlon providers, TriHard who also organise Keswick and Helvellyn Triathlons amongst others to revamp and run the event.

    The swims and transition area have been moved to the Riverside close to the Town Centre. The cycle course is entirely new and will be on [img]completely%20closed%20roads%20[/img]based around the Riverside and University areas. It will be flat, fast and quite twisty, it is an urban race after all, but none of it goes along depressed or development type areas. It will also be spectator friendly as the 8k (5 laps for the standard race) circuit passes very close to the transition hub 4 times each lap. The run is a 5k route (2 laps for standard) along the Riverside walkways and over the new Infinity and Millennium Bridges.
    There will be a Sprint Distance, Standard Distance (with relay option) and a pool based mini-tri all on the same day. The mini-tri is targeted at newcomers to the sport and will be on the morning, it will also use the cycle and run route that the afternoon OW races use. There will be a small triathlon village and a top quality PA system to provide a ”soundtrack” for the event.

    These events don’t come cheap, but at £20 for the mini and £35 for the Standard I don’t think they are unreasonably priced.

    The aim this year to put on a really good regional event and to prove the course and organisation. Then to take it forward to a national standing event of some sort in 2011 hopefully.

    It’s an ambitious project but a lot of effort and determination is going into making it the event the council deserve for their continued support of the sport.

    If you have done this race in the past and been disappointed I hope that you will give it another chance I’m sure it will pretty much unrecognisable to the previous editions. Full information on all 3 races can be found at http://www.trihard.co.uk .

    Rob Wilkins, TriHard
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