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Winter training??

With the season coming to its end over the next month or so what is everyone aiming to do over the autumn/winter months to prepare themselves for a record and performance beating next year!! Personally I'd love a trip to Lanzarote but dont think my beautiful pregnant wife would take to kindly to it! so looks like some turbo training n running in the rain


  • OranjOranj Posts: 45
    I am not a great believer in warm-weather training camps as a solution to missed training over the off-season, and although they are a nice break from the dull UK weather, you are better off getting in some solid consistent training all winter long. If you can, take the odd day off here and there to get some decent bike miles in to supplement the turbo and the running/swimming.
  • transittransit Posts: 163
    Can't afford a warm weather training camp although I'd love one. Might try a wkend in the lakes occasionally.

    This is going to be my first winter maintaining my training, I normally do other 'warmer' sport! Just fitted mudguards to an old bike, set up turbo and taken out gym/swim membership. Also booked on to do a Pose running clinic - gonna try and build this up over next 6 months.

    Key targets to improve technique and therefore efficiency in swimming.
    Try and learn then use Pose running.
    Maintain endurance base for cycling.
    Develop core strength for injury prevention and improved performance.
    Reduce body weight,

    Sounds easy huh? Bring on the wind and rain!!!!
  • I'm not always the best at training consistently through the winter. This time herself has booked us infor the coastal trail 7*7*7 series, so hopefully that will provide some focus.

    In the meantime I am aiming to do 12 weeks of proper long slow base training up until Christmas and by then I should have a good plan for the second half of winter.
  • I love training in the winter.
    the frosty air the autumn trees the quiet tracks and country lanes.
    The canal covered in ice and the narrow boats with smokin chimneys.
    The mist across the farmers fields.
    Just take a look further than your ipod buttons its a beautiful country and what a way to see it.
  • Very peotic never2old. I quite agree that running in winter is great for the scenery. I love running by the river in the early morning when there's a mist over it. I also love running in winter because it's the only time of year I can run without dripping in sweat. Even in the current weather I find after 10 mins running I am soaked through with just a running T and shorts on.
    The other fun part of winter running is the icy floors. Even though it's a bit dangerous I find this adds an extra interest - looking out for icy patches, running tentatively across frosty pavements, feeling my feet slip as I push forward, trying to run on fresh snow to avoid slipping.
    Now I'm all excited about winter.
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