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F3 Orca Standard Distance - Dorney lakes - Aug 30th 2009

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  • Well done fella, I nearly entered this as the sprint I was doing was cancelled. I don't enjoy the run there either (well anywhere come to think of it) you did really well to set a pb.

    The entry fee seems a bit steep for the event not to have chipped timing ?
  • gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    well done Didds!
    Heres my attempt (for the sprint tri):

    Got there a 9am and helped someone out with their stuff (as they were running late), started off sunny and watched the olympic with the "club" and the gazebo.
    12 o'clock thought i know i'll run to my car (10minutes walk away!), got changed and body buttered ankles and neck, then realised i'd left my race number at the gazebo (mutter mutter). Once racked and in the water, then had 2mins countdown (time to "warm the wetsuit"). Was in the first(ish) pack of swimmers in the maelstrom, swam over one bloke, who swam over me, who i swam over...found someones feet to draft on in the home straight. Apart from the waves from motor boat - good practice for one sided breathing!
    Out of water felt fine, already had wetsuit pulled down by the time i got to my bike, gear on for bike got to mount line and my practice of getting feet in shoes came in handy!
    On the bike course was doing 90-95rpm all the time (was catching people that way) and legs felt fine, though a blighter of a head wind on one side of lake! Passed the BCTTT gazebo with lots of support and stayed as close to my handlebars as i could to keep my profile small for the head wind!
    Racked up t2 and had swig of gatorade (bad idea!), started to run with a large stitch for about 2k, and stopped to strectch out the calves, after that it was time to reign in some people ahead of me! tis a boring soul destroying run, but easier to aim for the people ahead
    finished in 1h17.32, 3 minutes ahead of my last time there - a new PB! knocked 5mins off bike, so yes a bike can knock a fair chunk off (though scotty was doing well on his compact pussycat).

    Pub with huge sandwich with scibby,didds,scotty, malteser (and mrs) then home for curry and muchos beer! a nice day, but cloudy and rather windy! well done all who competed!
  • You guys must have been in a different race to everybody else as everybody was complaining , firstly about the free for all in the bike racking section , why not a section for the olympic and sprint seperately .

    The race brief was a joke , the marshall were so stupid they made forst gump look clever .

    I have done 5 other olympics this year and this is by far the worst organized and the most expensive .

    The wind on the bike was a real mear

    Was 12th out of the swim in a time which is 3 minutes slower than normal which was interesting as all my time have been roughly the same this year on harder course.

    The bike was boring and with no race commentry was confusing
    came off the bike still in the top 20

    the run that was the most boring bit why not run round the lake rahter than just there and back twice, the guys in front of me got confused at the turn round near the finish , on the 2nd lap over took a couple of people and was over took as well .

    Still in the top 20 coming to the finish and sprinted for the line as a couple of people were in front of me , but found out they were just on their first lap

    for £50 plus quid with no timing chips, same tee shirt as all there other races (so must have had a job lot done earlier in the year) what a waste of money
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    pacman - no, same race, same complaints! I was there dead early so the free racking worked for me, but as you said the pre race instructions were seperate and numbered racking - neither of which were true.

    Plenty of other grumbles about the day that you'll also see in my report.

    i enjoyed the day and racing but I doubt I will return to f3 or probably even Dorney (too boring).

  • sorry i always wash over the negatives! thinks didds picked them up though!
  • I was pleased that so many ladies entered the 80-84 years category.
    Race results are posted on tri247.
    It's a big plus that entering the race can be on the day and is relaxed etc. Course is a bit dull, but good for spectating and a charming way to end the season.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655

    You could race every weekend for the next 5 weeks yet!

  • anything with f 3 events they haven't yet posted the results on their website even thou tri 247 have them up

    shows what a piss poor company they are

  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    that's really wierd isn;t it?

    clearly tri247 must have got the results from F3... but the providers haven;t yet listed them!

    I noticed in the tri247 results clubs are not listed ...

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