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New HR monitor

Hi guys,

I was out for a run last week and my Garmin Forerunner died due to water damage. It was raining constantly for 2.30 hours on it. Bit pissed off that it died, tried a new battery but its fecked.

I didn't use it for triathlons as its not waterproof, but basically wondering what you guys are using Not sure of budget yet, but need some advice anyway. Would like to be able to wear for all 3 disciplines, thats the only requirement i have at the moment



  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Even though its not waterproof it shouldn't die like that - I mean its a running aid on sale in the UK - our seasons are defined by the temperature of the seemingly ever present rain, e.g. rain is warm, must be summer. Is it still under guarantee?
  • Yea, send it back mate
  • ironkavironkav Posts: 259
    got it last xmas. it would be under guarantee. Got in on ebay though.

  • I would send it back too, but as further suggestion - if you like Garmin stuff (I certainly do!) the new Forerunner 310XT is supposed to be waterproof and therefore all 3 discipline-friendly.

    Depends if you want GPS on your HR monitor I guess.
  • Alot of the electronic stuff is made with different serial numbers for year of manufacture... give it a go - worth postage.

    They might not want the receipt or charge you a nominal fee instead. either way it is probably cheaper than buying a new one.
  • In my end of season clear out, I may have a forerunner 305 for sale...... its in excellent working order and will have loads of sessions pre programmed into it that I do throughout the year.... let me know if your interested.....
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