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Humber Duathlon

Anyone done it? Got it this Sunday but it's too far away from Team Squishy HQ for me to have been able to recce the course.

All I know is, there's lots of running out & back over the Humber Bridge - who needs Hawaii, eh?!


  • jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
    Never done this one but it's on my door step so know the area well, will be doing the Humber sprint Tri on 04/10/09.

    Aero Bars or TT bike is a must as the couse is pretty much flat apart form first the 3/4 mile being downhill and the last 3/4 being uphill as you pass the same route.
    Slightly undulating as you go through South Cave village - only a mile or so, and a slight climb for about 1/2 mile near the finish between Melton and North Ferriby on the A63, the rest is Pancake flat. (The A63 is used to host time trial events - dual carriageway national speed limits) the trucks normally give you a bit of a tow as they go by.

    Would go and watch but competing in a local club tri that day - Good luck & have a good one !
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