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who won the £6000 of goodies competition?

well it look like it wasn't me.

so who won?

come on, own up!


  • Not me...I was too late to enter
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    J.Witts ????
    or maybe the same person who got chosen to test the colostrum!!!
  • Not me and I really wanted that Cervelo!
    or maybe the same person who got chosen to test the colostrum!!!
    As in the milk??
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    ewanamacdonald wrote:
    Not me and I really wanted that Cervelo!
    or maybe the same person who got chosen to test the colostrum!!!
    As in the milk??
    That's the one.
  • I didn't get what you were on about at first... did anyone actually sign up for that test?

    Anyone who actually wants to try it can pick up tubs of the stuff from their local farm supplies!
  • i signed up for the colostrum, to see what its like and am on the study!

    as to the £6K of gear nope! when its published maybe we should see if anyone knows them!
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    colostrum? Local farm supplies ? Do tell more...I have a picture of a long Sunday ride punctuated by me dropping into a farm in me lycra, skating on the floor in me shoes & asking..'got any colostrum mate?' to a bunch of slack jawed farmers wondering who the idiot in his underwear is & why he wants baby cow food...
  • Colostrum is the milk produced during the first few days after child birth so it is super high in all the nutrients a new born baby needs. I can't remember exactly whats in it but I think it particularly high on energy and calcium, but may also contain antibodies to help build up the young un's immune system. After the first few days of lactating the colostrum settles down to conventional milk. Farmers buy powedered colostrum to hand feed to any youngsters that have been abandoned by their mothers, before switching to normal milk.

    In the case of the stuff advertised by 220 it appears to be cows milk taken during the first 48hours after calving (ginger perhaps you can comment?), but if you want a cheaper powdered equivalent I'm sure your local farm supplies will be more than willing to oblige, although you might want to stock up before the ride to avoid being chased with pitch forks!

    We get the stuff for lambs, although I can't say I'm tempted to try it!!

    (sorry, just read your original post and would guess you know exaclty what colostrum is but I can't be bothered to edit...)
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Seems like I am one of the chosen few,just received an e -mail.This is a first for me
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Cheers..would it by any chance be spectacularly cheaper than say...oh I don't know something produced for triathletes say..or cyclists? Food grade?...Still got the pitchfork chasing thing in my head tho'...need to befriend a country type chappie methinks...mind you as I may have mentioned me & cows milk don't get on too well in the gastric sense, so I can't imagine colustrum will make mr feel good.
  • Damn... well if the editors of 220 are listening I could really do with winning all that stash now. Just took my road bike in for a service and apparently it needs:

    new headset
    new middle chainring
    new bottom bracket
    new chain
    new rear cassette
    probably a new deraileur
    new rear hub.

    and all that was just at a first glance!

    Parts alone are going to come to more than the value I paid for the bike 5 years ago, and then add labour to that and its almost going to be cheaper to buy a new bike! Humph!
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    See if they will throw in a couple of freebies to soften the blow,like,new inner tubes,couple of tyres,carbon frame.
    You didn't walk in with the word ,Triathlete,emblazoned on you by any chance.If you did they were probably booking their holiday as they assesed it.
  • haha too true... they also had a look at my TT bike a few weks ago so dollar signs probably started spinning in front of their eyes as soon as I walked down the street!

    They are giving me [*edit I am buying] a new rear wheel because the old hub was recked and the wheels were cheapo anyway. But If I asked them to keep the old wheel and cassette does anyone reckon it would be of any use as a spare wheel just for Turbo use to save my road tryres from destruction?
  • ewanamacdonald wrote:
    its almost going to be cheaper to buy a new bike
    So what you waiting for? You know it makes sense...
  • Don't talk t me about Triathlon expense.

    Did a race on the weekend, on the downhill sections my eyes watered so much it washed my contact lenses out. Laser eye surgery is the only resolution. didn;t see that expense when I started Tri.
  • In the end I just paid to get the job done! Still £170 to repair a bike that cost me £399 five years ago seems a bit steep!

    I'm supposed to be moving to the states for 6 months in about a months time so no point in getting a new bike now. I everything goes to plan I hope to save my pounds hope the exchange rate does me some favours when it comes to buying a full carbon TT beast out there

    Or... 220 could just give me that £6000 stack of goodies... pretty pretty please!

    Laser Eye surgery scares me... I prefer to not see where I'm going!
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Shouldn't be a problem using the old wheel for the turbo ,just their might be a slight difference in the chain wear between the cassettes,some riders have noticed a difference unless they keep the same chain/cassette combination,personally I don't.
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