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dorney lake tri

I did the dorney lake tri at the weekend and as a BTA member paid £50 , what a rip off

there was no timing chip, no marked bike racking and the marsalls didn't now what they were doing and to top it all the tee shirt was the same one they hand out at every event and not aimed at the event.

I have done 5 events this season and this is the worst organized and most expensive event by far

what does everybody else think about these rip off merchants


  • Was that an F3 event? If so I've never done one of their events where the timing was correct or the distance was even correct!
    It is a rip off if you compare to other well organised events!
  • yes it was a f3 event and the timing did seem a little off swim time was 24 minutes when I am normally out of the water in 21 .

    I wouldn't recommend anybody to do one of there events

    the worst and thickiest marsalls I have ever meet and on such as easy course apart from the turn round on the run
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Thats sad to hear, as many people (me included) were saying the same things about their duathlons back in Feb/March. I did the evening series last year and it was pretty good, albeit with a different swim course every time. Its a shame they havent listened to the feedback yet and are having the same problems. It really makes you think twice about doing one of their events.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    i was there at the weekend too in the oly, and have to agree :-(

    very disappointing really. I heard they ran out of bike stickers later in the day so basically there was no security on the bikes as there could be no number on them.

  • i did a few of their tris a couple of years ago (evening sprints and the olympic) and they ran quite well from what i remember! so they've obviously changed management?
  • I raced this weekend at the Dorney tri and was 31 mins in the swim (I'm usually around 24 mins). I then did an open water swim challenge the same evening (1500m) with my club and got 26 mins so it was either the course was too long or because they couldn't be arsed to organise two waves the crowds meant a slow time.

    F3 cut corners to keep their overheads down from what I can see and therefore you get a p*ss poor race. They will lose out eventually. They made a hash of their first evening tri this year and the second one was almost empty people just stayed away.

    Don't think results are out yet either
  • LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    Did the evening series last year, one race (out of four) had timing chips and they started to run two waves.

    This year the cost put me off and also the fact that in three of the previous races "timing" consisted of me shouting my number at the random person with a clipboard. Triathlon is a great sport, but the costs of racing seem to be getting more and more without any thing back from the event organiser, I'll gladly swap a t-shirt that won't last the season for good organisation and accurate timing. (although of course t-shirt as well as good organisation and accurate timing would be better)
  • seem like everybody as had a bad experience with f3 people , it's a wonder they still many to attract people.

    It's a real pity as dorney is such a good course and if they tried to make it more like the club relays or nottingham they will attract a great deal of people and make more money .

    At the weekend due to no timing chips , you had to shout your number out as you went through each section , how p!!SS poor is that for such a big entry fee

    I have done 5 races this year all below £40 with a decent free gift and timing chips

    Maybe we should start a anti f3 event club or thread

  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    pacman2102 wrote:

    Maybe we should start a anti f3 event club or thread

    Sign me up for that...and I didn't even go! There was the change of time (so i couldn't go) and then i canceled the hire car, then they changed the time again (meaning I could go) but had cancel;led the car. Then they started to ignore my emails and stillhaven't responded almost a week later. Amatures. Also, it's borderline theft as far as I am concerned.
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