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FYI IM Switz date has changed

Hope nobody has booked anything yet..

Changed from the 1st August to 25th July



  • Yup,

    I just got the e-mail myself. I think they are a bit cheeky only offering a 75% refund of fees if you want to cancel when it is the organizers who have changed things! Not that I'm going to cancel - although it would seem I'm now a week behind in my training plan Not.

    Seriously though, we were going to make this into a family holiday and I was on the verge of booking both flights and hotels last week. I'm now very glad I didn't. For once in my life it would seem that procrastination has actually worked in my favour.

    I wonder if the accommodation will be cheaper now as it doesn't clash with the Swiss National Day? Anyone got any good suggestions for accommodation in Zurich - there will be three adults and 2 kids.


  • ironkavironkav Posts: 259

    I also went to book flights last week. however aer linguss site only had up to July2010


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