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What bike do I have ?

Hi all,
I have an older De Rosa bike, (had it for about 7 years from 2nd hand) in average condition, I have been told the older frames are a collectors item but have absolutely no idea what model mine is, and whether it's of any value.

Are there any enthusiasts out there that could give a clue as to what model or year my bike is, I've attached one bad photo but will take some more.

I also plan to sell it in about a weeks time as off abroad.



  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    If it is a special frame then find some fixie rider - they will lap up an old road bike if the frame is in good condition
  • Firstly I have very little knowledge about de rosa collectability... as I guess you already know this is very dependent on the model. From a look on Wiki De Rosa Made the bikes for Eddy Merckx between 1973 ad 1978, and so I would guess that it the bikes from this timefame that would have the most collectors value. From looking at your bike and photos of the 1970's De Rosa's I woud guess that yours is more modern than that (based on the fact that all the 70's bikes seem to have chrome lugs and no braze ons). Probably the best way to find out more would be to check out the serial number on the frame, you never know you might get lucky. (post the number on here and if I have a moment I'll have another look).

    Second, I always enjoy a good fixie project, and I have had a thing for de Rosa s since I began cycling/tri a couple of years ago (never owned one but I love the styling). Depending on the frame size I might be interested in taking it off your hands. I'm currently a poor graduate student and don't have much to spend so I'm affraid the collectable price bracket would be well beyond my means, but if you are after a quick sale then maybe we could come to an arrangement?
  • and comes with black and red carbon fibre bottle holder, therefore worth more
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I can't add anything, but what race were you going to do with all those strips of tape on the top tube (assuming you are like me and put a strip per lap)?
  • Can't help on the bike, but try posting the picture on the CTC forum (ctc.org.uk). there tends to be a lot of users on there who know a lot about older bikes.

    i have found it is also a great place to sell spare / older kit.
  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    Does it have a frame number anywhere? If so might be worth contacting DeRosa by email with the frame number to see if they can help. Might even be able to tell you the year it was built.
  • Thanks for the replies all, just got back from Guernsey for the graniteman triathlon ,i did the sprint and lost 7mins off my PB (race report to come), and 2 friends did the middle distance and tore it apart. fantastic trip!

    right anyway, first the easy questions, the 12 strips were for the South Coast triathlon on the 15th August at Seaford, 12 laps of the course, it took a whole lap to peel off each sticker so kept me busy.

    I'll look for the frame number and post it up and send it on to mentioned companies.

    (sorry if my post gets a bit sales like form here ) ..

    Ewan, i bought this bike for £150 2nd hand years back from a cycle enthusiasts garage sale in Cornwall, and have to get rid of it pronto as i'm headed to Oz very soon. I have no real idea of it's value but it has served me well for the whole season of races and it still running well, i could do it no better honor than to pass it on to someone else who'll appreciate it in the tri-community - granted it likely won't be used to race anymore. with that in mind i'll happily let it go for the same price again if that sounds fair, I've been told the frame alone may fetch £300 but don't really have the time left to check it out.
    I'm in London.

    Please PM me if still interested.
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