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Off-Season training

As I only have one race left before the end of the season I was wondering about off-season training.

Does anyone have any advice on good programmes/books/etc about off season training as most of the material I have looked at is "vague" to say the least.




  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    By its very nature off season training may be vague..you need to decide where best to focus your atttention, then you can get specific after a lay off to recoup & recover.
  • Thanks, I think....[:)]
  • This has been/is my first tri season so I'm no expert. However, the aim for me will be to build endurance on and get more proficient at swimming.

    My winter training will be based around running races and duathlons - as I find it boring to train if I don't have some events to aim at.

    The events I currently have my eye on are the London half in October, the Ballbuster duathlon in November 08 and March 09 (aiming for a sub 3 clocking). Maybe some cross country and/or fell running through the real winter and probably the London marathon again in April (sub 2.50 aim).

    I also plan to focus on swim technique so as not to be last out of the water (a sub 30 mile is my aim for next year - currently 36 but only learned to swim this year).

    A post season rest is a good idea though as per Britspin. I'm currently having an enforced two week (aargh) one through illness so will probably be able to plough on after my last tri in September.
  • This is also my first season. This winter I'm going to focus on strengthening my legs and arms with gym work, improving my swim technique with some instructor lessons, and try increasing my running distance nearer the start of the new season. Basically I'm base training through the winter in preparation for my build and tapers during race season.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Have a real break.

    The focus during winter on your weakest discipline. If your bike leg is your weakest, train almost like a cyclist for a month, without neglecting the other disciplines of course.Just hold back on them a littleand focus on your weakness. Not much fun at first, but so much fun afterwards!!!
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