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saddle pains...

hi all
i have recently started commuting to work on my hybrid - this combined with the hours i put on the gym bike for distance and speed training has taken its toll on my body..how can i describe this nicely? my 'seating area' is in agony - the bones hurt and feel bruised and swollen (amazing how many potholes and uneven surfaces there are in london) the skin is in a non-stop healing process but cannot really get there 'coz i am on the bike daily...what am i to do? new saddle? i have seen a few different types, some are small quite thick and very padded some are very flat long and slim..i am a female, any suggestions?
and how do you know it is comfy? will shops let you try them and for how long?
any other suggestions, tips, creams, lotions and potions? my only friend at the moment is nappy rash cream (although i have stopped using nappies for some years now )


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Sporteve, there was a similar post a while back regarding sore 'lady bits'

    The solution is not to whack on extra padding on the seat but to look at female specific saddles.

    Have a look here:
    http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/cms/a ... cleid=1498

    Perhaps one of our female collegaues can help you out here.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I have that problem with London too - i don't know about new saddles as I am lookking into one myself, but i tend to use a chamois cream, I use udderly smooth, about £6 or so from wiggle
  • as Zacnici says, if you search around abit there have been a few saddle discomfort threads recently, there may be some more useful info in one of those.

    As for lady specific issues I have no idea, but I think the key is to (a) make sure your saddle fits you right (much like female specific bikes, get one that fits YOU and don't go for one that might not fit just because it is female specific) and (b) make sure the saddle is positoned correctly and (c) you are perching on it correclty (not not sitting).

    Sit on a hard flat surface to identify your "sit bones" (the boney bits in your arse). When you are on a road/tt bike you don't want to sit on the saddle like its an armchair, most of your weight should be distributed between your pedals and your arms, and the rest should be perched on the saddle with your sit bones supported by wide part of the saddle. Experiment with saddle position and find a bike shop that will let you experiment with saddles.

    riding on rough roads it is also useful to learn how to unweight the saddle as you go over lumps and bumps in the road.
  • Hi there,
    After much time and money wasted, I settled on a Selle Italia Ldy Sport. The major plus points with this saddle are: thin, long, no big padding (which can rub), there's a hole in the middle (air round your bits - lovely), it's outer layer is leather, which is so comfortable and I just don't get sore at all.

    Something a bit like this (can't see the exact model anymore):

    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/cycle/7/Selle ... 360034122/

    I also swear by Assos saddle cream and don't ride any distance at all without it.

    Let us know how you get on. The secret is to steer away from heavily padded wide saddles as they create problems with too much movement and friction (ooer, missus!)

  • CCSCCS Posts: 53
    I would have to agree that using a women's specific saddle makes a difference - I use one of these Specialized ones http://www.cyclestore.co.uk/productDeta ... &catID=199 and haven't had any problems. I do also find that the 'bruised' feeling, particularly around the sit bones, does get better over time as you get used to riding.
    A decent pair of shorts also helps no end!
  • a belayed thank you to all for your responses, all very good tips and suggestions
    i am on the look out for a new saddle and i think long and slim is the way to go as the one i have is neither that much and i think this is part of the problem
    i have also been making some modifications to the way i ride trying to ease the impact as ewan suggested and it really helps
    and i do have a chamois cream that i have not been using so i started now and all in all things are getting better!
    i will keep you posted if i find any other magic product and when i will find my perfect saddle!
  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    i bought some trek shorts at the start of the summer and it looks like theyve got some synthetic chamois, unfortunately the info on the label has worn off but they are great for long rides when it comes to friction 'between the thighs' for a guy - might be good for ladies too
  • huwd, being a fashion designer in my non-tri/non-sleeping hours i just wonder: why hasn't anybody as yet made a pair of cycling shorts that is fully lined with another layer of fabric so that the chamois is sandwiched so no friction incurs ever as you are in direct contact with a smooth piece of cloth...simple really...do i need to do design everything? even the shorts..isnt is bad enough i already feel i need to re-design backpacks, panniers and cycling jackets? :roll:
  • JPJPJPJP Posts: 3
    There are some lady specific versions of the SMP4Bike saddles. I offered to buy one for Mrs JPJP but, having tested a few, she went for the SMP4Bike Hybrid - its not a lady specific one according to the manufacturer, but it is doing wonders for her cycling

    See the range over at http://www.smpsaddle.co.uk

    Make sure its adjusted properly and wear decent shorts - should be just fine.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    There was a nice article in cycling plus regarding saddle pains. Many different saddles were tried but still pains were a coming. The guy in question was getting penile numbness, took his bike to get fitted properly and while there was a massive improvement it didn't get rid of it.

    I also think position in the saddle as well and how you actually ride in the saddle. There was a article that Chris Boardman done ( I think) and it was mooted that we sit in the saddle incorrectly, some us don't sit on the bit we are supposed to.

    I'll see if I can find them and scan them in. Failing that I'll PM them to you.
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