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HRM graph example - Malmesbury Tri route


If anyone is doing the Malmesbury Tri route later this month this is the output from my Garmin 405 (bit highlighted in bold is the route)

If you need convincing on the value of HRM and GPS graphs for illustrating what training you have done I think this is pretty good!!




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    learnerlearner Posts: 100
    cor mister nice graph. What are you using because my garmin doesn't look as good as that. yours coulrs it in and everything. Good time by the way.
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    It looks less scary on runningahead.com but it's not as bad as it looks to ride.

    Has the road been sorted out around Sherston or is still like it's been bombed out?

    Only tw oweeks to go[:D]

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    I use SportTracks software (freeware) http://www.zonefivesoftware.com/SportTracks/ it is fantastic - much better than the Garmin s'ware

    As for the course - it is fast, nearly all uphill to the turn around and then faster back (at least it feels that way!! the negative bike split backs me up)

    The rouad is still terrible around Sherston (over the rough bits I lost me wedge pouch and mobile phone spare inner etc there yesterday[:(]) but as long as you avoid the really big pot holes you should be okay


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