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Gait Analysis

Hi all,

So I've been training all year, done my first few tri's and now I'm looking at increasing my run distances for my next event. However, I've been getting pains down the inside of my shins and swollen knees. Never had a problem running before and I'm 95% sure it's down to my trainers - Asics that are about 3 yrs old (I know, I know... pikey).

I'm thinking of trying a gait analysis this weekend and going with their reco but was wondering if anyone has had any good or bad experiences with this? Did you feel it helped? Are you pretty much obliged to buy?




  • I had a gait analysis done at my local Tri shop when I took it up earlier this year. Treadmill running and video analysis, a few exercises and barefoot walking in the shop. Then treadmill repeated with various different shoes on to demonstrate effect and allow choice of preferred ones.

    Didn't cost any extra, and no real pressure to buy. Have trained and raced all year in the shoes I brought, and (touch wood) haven't had any injuries, pains or niggles all year.
  • I can't recommend it enough, mine showed that I moved to the outside of my foot (can never remember the term) when I believed I was doing the reverse and had bought trainers to that end. So in effect I was compounding the problem.
    Since I had my gait done and new trainers sorted, no injuries at all. (touch wood)
  • I have to say it greatly depends on who you get analysing you. If you get a decent person then it could prove great. If you don't, then you could just end up wasting your money.

    But if it ain't broke why fix it? You mentioned you had no problems with running before, and having had your trainers for 3 years its a safe bet to say they are a bit knackered so why not just replace with the same trainers. You should replace your shoes roughly every 3-500 miles or so. If you had shoes that you had no problems with and they were comfortable then stick with them. I've had the same £25 model for the last 2 years, just replace them when they are knackered. They are far more comfortable than some of the far more expensive 'better' models that I've tried since, but I always go back to the cheap ones, because I know they work for me.
  • I had gait analysis done, and they didnt even try to sell me trainers/orthotics, but sent me away with exercises to complement the physio i was having! like AgentTi said if you get someone good then its great! I change my trainers every six months, and to stop me keeping them i do the hellrunner each year (sends your trainers to valhalla)
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