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hi all
been reading an article that dircted me to a cycle fitters site - they do custom fits on bike makes that i have not heard before: serotta - glider - guru - mercian ----- the only one i have heard of is colnago
does anyone know more about this makes or own one of the above? how would you rate them is comparison to more widely known makers?
also do you think it is worth me getting fitted at this very early stage of my cycling life (just about thinking to upgrade from my 1st ever trek hybrid to my first roadie) or is it something better to be left when i am far more experienced and know far more about bikes? - these fitters aprroach is its never too early to be on a properly fitted and comfortable bike
all feedback and personnal experience welcome
thank you


  • It's never too soon for a proper bike fitting. If you're just starting then a proper fitted bike means you'll be working on a good base, and should minimise any aches and pains, but maximise power and durations etc. It's jsut the expense of it that puts most newbies off.
  • I'm having one done on Wednesday, it takes 3 hours I'm going with an open mind I'll report back and let you how I get on.
  • MowfMowf Posts: 272
    I dont know anything about them, but 220 reviewed a Serotta a few issuses back. I think it was pretty much the most expensive bike on the market, retailing at about £10k.
  • I went for a fitting at The Bike Whisperer yesterday, on recomendation from someone on here (can't remember who).
    The main reason I went was to see if I could get a postion that would make me more comfortable. I was quite happy with the power I could generate but I developed shoulder and lower back pain after 30mins or so. I was also fairly sure that my tri bars weren't doing what they should be, I felt really scruntched up.

    I was there for nearly 3 hours and Scherrit was very thorough, all my inital set up noted then a bit of tinkering, which for me was moving the saddle back slightly and flattening it, again all noted. I spent a bit of time on the turbo to see how it felt, what a difference ! the changes seemed minimal, but made a real difference in comfort.

    The only downside was that it cost me a new set of Tri bars as my previous Oval ones were too short, but to get them fitted and aligned correctly was money well spent. I feel like I could actually do some distance on them now which I couldn't have done on my old ones. It also ensured that I'm as aero as I can be on my set up.

    Overall very, very impressed. A very friendly and knowlegable guy who obviously loves his job, all follow up work is free and he said I could contact him for any training or product advice etc. The fitting costs £95.00. Which could seem like a lot of money for not a lot of bling but I think it is money well spent.

    I did one of my regular 40k routes when I got home and my ave speed increased by .5mph, very unscientiffic I know, but the main thing was that I did feel a lot more comfortable.

    I'm always ready to criticise poor service but this guy (and wife Corinne) deserve a lot of credit.
  • That's great to hear as I've just booked a bike fitting for Saturday morning-it's with a different place but they use the Specialized BG system and quote 3 hours, so it must be similar (although costs slightly more than yours-which isn't nice!). I was a little worried it was hard earned money being thrown away-but from reading the above I'm looking forward to it now-thanks!
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    my bike fitting was free......
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