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HRM in race query...

I have a probably numpty question regarding wearing and use of a HRM during a race. FTR I have a Sunnto T3C.

The quandary I am facing is how do you balance...

1) use of HRM in the swim when most (including mine) can;t measure HR anyway... but the time split would be useful. However - no HR for X minutes then stuffs the avg HR readings etc.

2) if its on your wrist you can't easily read it during the bike anyway. It has beepy alarms for min and max HR limits - but in any sort of headwind/rushing air cos i am going like SO fast (*cough*) I can't hear the damned thing!

3) bike and run MHR are different so you either get incorrect zone readings for one discpline or you have to change MHR in id race (when start running say) which slows you down and i'm not sure changing the MHR half way through "works" wrt zones/avg HR etc. [Though of course learning the BPM figures for your zones overcomes some of this of course]

Solutions would seem to be...

1) don;t wear it on the swim anyway. Stuff knowing the split time.

2) start with it on the bike on a watch holder thingy on the bars where its easy to read. Except now in T2
you have to remove it in order to take it on the run, and then slow up while you fiddle around with it putting it on. You could of course wear it on the swim, and then put it on the bars in T1... nahhh...

3) you could stop each section and start the new leg as a new recording. This would ensure you get "perfect" HR scores. But you'd have to slow down/stop while you fiddled resetting the MHR figure before starting the new section.

Short of getting a 2nd T3C paired with the same HR strap what does everybody else do?



  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    bugger ... wrong forum... apologies...

    query still stands though!

  • Garmin 310XT. Sorted.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    so what does yon garmin do den? in order to overcome the various "issues" I indentified?

    pretty please?

  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    I use a Polar S520 which gives Average HR on each lap so after each discipline +T1&T2 I press the lap button then when I recall or download info after the race I have my Average HR and maximum HR for each lap.
  • I was going to suggest the Garmin 310XT - furiously saving for one myself,

    Is tri specific - so is set up to handle 4 discaplines (S,C,R & Transition)
    It also can clip off your wrist strap and onto a bike attachment
    Not cheap though!
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