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Camelback type bag recommendation needed

OK - I'm after a camelback style drink bag but I want it to be big enough to fit a towel and speedos for a run to the pool, but small enough that it doesnt bounce around when its empty. Anyone got one they would recommend? All the ones I've found are either too small to carry anything or too big to run.


  • I use an inov-8 rucksack, which has a compartment for a drink bladder inside.

    Ive used this for several ultra marathons and its the most comfortable all purpose running bag I've used.
  • I've got a Vaude 28L which has an elasticated bit at the back inside the bag for your reservoir. Most back packs now come with an elasticated bit, so it shouldnt move round too much! If i cycle to work i use the Vaude as you can change the back size on it! camelback do their own back pack things, so have a look at outdoor shops
  • I use a Canelbak Mule for general MTB rides, and a Lezygne Power Pack for longer epic rides. For short bursts and long runs I use a North Face hydration bag.

    Of the three, I would go with the North Face for what you want.
  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    cheers guys - some good advice here, im liking the look of the innov8 range
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