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when IS an A race and A race...

You can take a long term view of your season's races and there will be one or two that re DEFFO A races - the focus of your year.

There will be races that you are doing as prep for the A races - maybe a half a month or so out from an IM to just run through the kit and check the batteries are working etc. Your clear B races.

Then there's the races you do for the hell of turning up and having a bash. You probably don't taper, don;t carb load for a fortnight and all that stuff, don;t adjust your training whatever... the C races.

that's all well and good...

... but what about the C race that two days beforehand you realise you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to just SMASH, leave nothing on the course and collapse at the end, spent. You are CONSUMED by this race at the last moment?

What's that race then? Or does it just mean you don't know what you are doing anyway? (probably!)



  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    half a month out from an IM should of course be more like a month to a month and a half!


  • Does this mean I'm going to fund you slumped, and completely spent at the edge if the lake on Sunday?
  • Hmm for me it depends on distance, In my experience I can have 2 long distance "A" races in a season. For shorter events maybe more if you plan meticulously. Saying that (and I dont mean this to be biff) an average age groupers training can be fairly higgle-de-piggle-de and "A" "B" or "C" races are just tags attached to races he has preference over instead of structuring his ENTIRE season around.

    In short,(and I may get flamed for this..........hey-ho :roll: ) unless you are looking to qualify for Kona/Clearwater or make a living out of this sport dont worry too much about PROPER tapering, most AG-ers dont train hard enough to warrant it..............

    A,B,C races..........dont worry about it, just smash 'em all!!
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    Triumphant... ahh... you have spotted my plan!!! If my plan goes to ... errr... plan... can you just pour me into my car when you find me?

    Firestarter... i was being a tad flippant when i went on about taper and carbo loading etc - i understand what you say. You also sum up whete i am in my head really... I just want to smash em all whatever i've done leading up to them now!

  • I aim to smash every race I enter.... the difference between A, B and C races for me comes with Importance of result.

    For a C race, although ill be slumped as I cross the line, sick everywhere blah blah, I will prob be lets say running a 38/39 min 10km.... etc

    For a B race, same finish conditions, but 10km would be at 36/37mins

    For the A race I would expect a sub 36 min 10km.

    Obviously that would be an Olympic/standard focus....

    The same applies for the Longer stuff too, My training would be tailored so that when my A race is finished I have absolutely nothing left and could not have swam, cycled or ran any quicker given the conditions.

    Im thinking that you are saying you just try harder when its your B race over a C and even harder with the A over both B and C.

    If your training is correctly planned then it will work for the A race scenario.

    I not to hung up on finish time, position on any other race than my A race.
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