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homemade protein bars

I'm on a high protein, low carb (and trying as much as possible, low fat) regime at the moment, and am finding it a bit tough to keep eating interesting whilst not starving totally. I never knew how much i like bread, and rice, and spuds and pasta... they're just so INTERESTING I now find.

anyhow... I do protein shakes with whey powder and thought why not make some sort of protein bar? So i googled for home made protein bars... and the web is full of them! And the bars are also full of sugar (ie carbs) or cream (ie fat)!

So - does anybody have any recipes for some sort of home made protein bar (aside from frozen sardines thankyou) that doesn;t involve vats of cream or vast amounts of sugar/choclate etc?



  • Didds,

    I don't have a recipe but if the sugar is something like honey or syrup to keep the other ingredients together (like in a flapjack) then you could replace that with no added sugar apple sauce - but use the one with no lumps in!

    But I'm guessing you're going to have to include some sort of carbs no? Oats or flour or something?

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