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feeling old and battered, time for a change??

hi all, i've had the the urge to take up Triathlon for a few years now.After nearly 27 years of getting battered on the rugby pitch i have decided to hang up the boots. I am now 37,fairly fit, and due to be collecting a sparkly new Trek 1.2 2010 in a week....yaaaay.
Does anyone have any tips and advice as im obviously a late starter to this sport.
Thankyou all in advance and be gentle.


  • The most important thing you need to know about triathlon is....its ok to urinate in your wetsuit at the start of the swim
  • Welcome to the wonderful world of Tri. Let the spend-fest and knowledge fest-begin.

    Just a minor point of correction though, 37 makes you a youngster amongst the most of us here, so we'll be expecting good things from you over the coming months.

    As to tips, depends how fit you are, but the best way to learn is to have a go. Search the internet (on Tri247 at http://www.tri247.com/events.html) for a local pool based event, and get yourself booked in. I know there's a pool based Sprint event in Stratford in early October, http://www.fun2tri.co.uk/Warwickshire-new/index.htm.

    But generally, ask any questions, and await the reponses.
  • BLIMEY i thought i would be an old git here ...ive had a scoot around and found a few training plans which im going to try out and find a few little races to have a pop at.
    I'm feeling quite excited about this as getting hit by 18 stone flanker on a saturday was getting a bit tiresome.
    So if im a relative youngster how old are you guys?? and how long have you been doing this??
  • Ex second row here, I started last year aged 41 and it has taken over my life. You'll find your Rugby background very usefull when it comes to the fight that is openwater swimming
    It's also a sport where an ex prop (Didds) can beat an ex england Winger ( Rory Underwood )

    Good luck
  • Welcome to the mad world. I'm 43, been doing triathlon for two seasons. Am totally hooked. Have managed a few 'podium' places in my age group, which is enormously motivational.

    Tips? Enjoy it. Take it slow at first and build up to what you would like to be doing in terms of distance, how many races per season, if you want to finish or win prizes, that sort of thing. Sign for a couple of events before this season finishes and see how you do. There will be loads of advice on here about transitions, training, eating Soreen, carbon fibre and (of course) red.

  • I'm 42, and in my first season. Got the bug big time on my first outing. Now done 5 pool based and 3 open wster sprints, 1 OD and 1 70.3 Can't believe how for I've come in 8 months, as I never ran before this year. Still got 1 Sprint and a half marathon to go. 12500 grammes lighter, and probably 12500 pounds poorer, but feeling fitter than I've ever felt before. Enjoy.
  • Welcome to a new world of terminology that until 8 weeks ago I didn't know existed!
    I've only been training a couple of months (I was supposed to be training for a 10k charity run but started looking at Triathlon and it all seemed so much more interesting). The knowledge and posts on this site are great and reading peoples reviews every few weeks really keeps you motivated to train.
    I have my first Sprint tri in 4 weeks and can't wait. Not expecting any great times but reading advice on here has taught me to enjoy the activity and aim to finish. Just a shame that, as like you, I'm getting hooked on this at the end of a season).

    Good luck.
  • Don;t get hung up on it being the end of the season. There is a saying "Those who can Tri, those who can't Du". During the winter, when it's too cold to be cysling and running in wet underwear, there's Duathlons (Run / Bike / Run), that will keep yo going, and be good training for when the Tri season picks up pace again in April.
  • cheers guys ,i feel like a young whipper snapper now....yaaay and all doubt about doing this has just faded thanks to your posts. I intend to get training this week and then take over the world (if the wife lets me).
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