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2XU elite wetsuit

Hi all,
This is probably completely the wrong time of year to sell a wetsuit, but as I plan on getting a new one I thought I would see if anyone wanted to buy mine off me now, if not I will wait till start of next season!
Its a 2XU elite in small/medium, designed to fit someone 5'7-5'10 and about 150-165 pounds. But I am 6'1, i got it because I have a very small torso, and long gangly legs! And because weight wise it fitted me perfectly.
I have had it since about june, used in 2 open water races and about 5-10 swimming sessions in the lake, so its in very good condition APART from a small cut in the lower leg, this happened 2 weeks after I got it, and I repaired it with black witch. Its about 1cm long, and not full thickness, the black witch did a fantastic job and joined it perfectly, not only does it not come apart, it is barely noticeable!
Also its an E:0, so its the 2008 model I do believe, exactly the same at the 2009 model in every way (except mine as super cool silver panels on the arms!)
Looking for £160 for it, thanks
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