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Possibly an easy question...

Having suffered on the (mildly hilly) Bath Sprint bike route yesterday and watched most of the other sprint competitors zip past me on much newer, lighter bikes than mine I have a (probably) pretty basic question. How much impact does having a lightweight carbon bike (TT or road) with good gearing ratios make going up hills/sprinting on the flat?

I have a 2006 Specialized Allez with Ultegra triple but it feels really quite hefty compared to other people's steeds, could I get away with replacing wheels etc or is the frame the most important element to make a significant impact? (or do I just need to loose more weight and do more training- most likely)




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    LindsLinds Posts: 124
    Oi - Less of the slightly hilly thank you very much

    Sastre would have struggeld to get up those Cols


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    Hi Combat Dwarf,

    This is actualy quite a difficult question. I think a better bike will really show its true colours on hills, but this is only if the rider is also able.

    There is many more experienced bikers on this forum, however my initial thoughts would be that it would not be a great advantage to upgrade the wheels etc on the bike.

    the main factor in a bike is its frame - if you can save up or treat yourself to a better bike and then maybe alternate the two depending on training sessions/weather and race build up.

    I bought a bike from NYC on a weekends break that was much better than me, and for the last 5 mths have been training with the aim of getting good enough for it! Of course I have been using it, but sparingly, just remind me of the goal!

    Best of luck,


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