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Non matching tyres-thoughts?

I'm running a set of Conti Force/Attacks and got a rear puncture this morning. I was wondering what the thoughts were on running different make tyres at the front and back. The Force/Attackes are 22mm front and 24mm back, so I thought I could change the back for a Vittoria Pave when it finally gives up the ghost as they're both 24mm, but would the change in grip/thread pattern etc make the bike less stable? Especially in the wet-I've heard the Pave is great in wet conditions, but if I HAD to lose grip on a wheel I'd rather it was the back as it can be controlled-if the front end goes your coming off the bike (so having a rear tyre that's great in the wet and a front that isn't might not be ideal)!

Hussler-you ever come across this question before?
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