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Great North Swim

I'm in the 4 pm wave on Saturday - anyone else going to be around?

I'll be the very nervous one at the back in the black wet suit . Did manage to get the husband to come along with the dog as support (bribed with a weekend in the Black Bull at Coniston and a hill walk on the Sunday).



  • MowfMowf Posts: 272
    I'll be there. I'll be the stupid one in the washing machine at the front.
  • I'm swimming at 9.30am Saturday morning!! God knows why i chose that time. Just had an email from the organisers saying make sure i'm there 2 hours before swim time!!! As i'm travelling from Manchester it seems my only route to the event is from the Park & Sail from Bowness and the first ferry is at 7am and it takes 30mins with a 20min walk from Ambleside. I'll be setting off at silly o'clock again...

    Apart from the early start and the logistics of getting there i'm looking forward to it...Good Luck Everyone
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