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Will Triathlon Eat itself?

I first read the topic title and thought well if its got fruit and choclate on I would eat! Them read the actual content and Conehead had present a really interesting thought!

There are some terrible events out there but is that because the organisers dont seem to see that rookies are the bigger picture and they are just resting on there lorrals (spelling?)?

As a relative rookie myself I have not been drawn to the big events and stayed local to the club events. next season maybe different as i will start to add in more events so Windsor and bleinham will figure but I will still do the grass route events.

I am now concerned that we might lose our smaller events! i will be defo signing up for the local ones next year and long live all events.

The thing about some big events killing others like the manchester example, is this something we can actually do anything about or is it just going to happen. You cant change society and people seem to be like sheep when it comes to lots of things like which event and only doing the big ones!


  • This has been one of my biggest worries since Concorde was cancelled last week. My fear was more health and safety related, fearing that these smaller local races wouldn't be able to either afford or obtain the relevent inssurance.
  • willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    I don't know - but weren't PWEI great!!
  • Not whilst there are enough people wanting to do the sport for the dozens of different reasons.
    There will be those triathlons that get a reputation for being badly organized and obviously cutting corners on expendeture. At the other end of the scale there's event's like Ripon and Chester which are well organized, organized i believe by the triathlon club's there.
    There is a difference between event organizers and club organized triathlons, event organizers are there to make a living out of the triathlete's. Once triathlete's go to a bad triathlon they won't go again, and you only know they are bad because you have good one's to compare them with.
  • I'm only doing my first tri next week (wish me luck) and have opted for mass particaption, mainly because I don't expect to win and can loose myself in the "crowd", run my own race without feeling self concscious and am less likely to be last (yes I am that shallow).

    However I started with a similar approach to running two years ago with Bluewater 10K (2000+) but now seek the smaller events for the more initimate feel and lack of people sprinting for first 400m, then walking next 9.6k.

    I believe that the smaller events will hold their own, H&S fascists permitting.

    My one real concern here in darkest Kent is the lack of open water venues, nearest ones being Surrey/Reading way. Deal Tri club have a great duathlon set up at Fowlmead but its the swim I enjoy most. Before anyone says it, not a fan of sea swimming, anyone who's seen North Kent seawater will understand.

    Finally don't think it would go London Marathon style, can you really see someone emerge from water into T1, remove wetsuit to reveal SpongeBoB SquarePants outfit????
  • And while I think about it, massive upsurge in popularity means lots of people dip toes in water having spent £1000s, realise they don't like it, sell kit on ebay at much reduced price for those who stick at it to purchase...patience...
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Economics will rule surely? Not everyone wants to perform on a big stage, whilst I accept the hide in a large field idea, there are many who would be intimidated by a big event/field. Not everyone wants or is capable of shelling out for the big events..Lady Britspin was thinking about Blenheim...until she saw how much it was to enter. I think there will always be a diverse enough base of participants to keep most decent organised events afloat as well as the 'super events'. The only cloud on my horizon is the inexplicable rise of M Dot...& the fall of 'The Longest Day' which I believe expired due to low entries over a few years.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Britspin wrote:
    the fall of 'The Longest Day' which I believe expired due to low entries over a few years.
    The Longest Day will rise again,but a compunding factor was the problem surrounding the swim,the owners of Gailey reservoir put the kibosh on it at one stage,but there is a openning for long distance/middle distance races,as they appear to be 'the place to race' these days.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    silverback - leyborne lakes near maidstone do open water swimming.

    And there's that open water pool just off Dover/Folkestone - you can 22 mile lengths apparently ;-)

  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    SB: anyone who's seen North Kent seawater

    I growed up in North kent - swam in the sea off Margit and ramnsgit and especially Joss Bay for 15 years.

    never affected me.


    Welll.. except the voices. And those big dogs that lick my face a;; the time that nobody else sees.

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