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Derby sprint tri

Anyone doing this tomorrow ?

I'm no. 201 starting at 10.36 ,say hello if you see me.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend .


  • I'm there, bullet. No 126, off at 11.02. I'll be the one looking terrified, as it's my first tri...

  • bulletbullet Posts: 115
    Limeycat wrote:
    I'm there, bullet. No 126, off at 11.02. I'll be the one looking terrified, as it's my first tri...

    Hope it wasn't too terrifying ?

    Did you enjoy your first experience of tri ?

    How did you do ?

  • Loved it!! Finished in about 1hr 32min, which ain't fast but is pretty close to the 1hr 30 that I was hoping for, so I'm happy.

    I'm a Masters swimmer, hence the relatively late start time - my bike and (especially) run are much weaker than my swim! This meant I got passed by LOADS of people which could have been a bit disheartening, but I was expecting it so didn't let it faze me, and I managed to dig deep and finish strongly, even if I could hardly stand up when I got over the line

    How was your race?

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  • bulletbullet Posts: 115
    Well done Linda & Gavin ,

    Linda when do you think you might do another ?

    My race went fairly well although I didn't quite acheive my target time of beating 1hr 20 min !!

    Managed 1hr 20min 31sec .

    This is mainly due to the fact that I need to spend more time improving my running ,although my run seemed to go very well by my standards , I will know more when they put the split times on the website .

    Looking to do the 1485 no thrills Duathlon next month ,cause this is only a few miles from where I live .

    I've heard that Duathlons are harder then Tri's though , maybe someone has an opinion ?

  • Gavin, it was me who shouted your name on the run. Spotted you and your great looking bike in transition but you were talking to someone so didnt introduce myself. Sounds like you had an eventful bike section, mine was straight forward and managed to pass a few people with only one person passing me so was really pleased with the bike.

    I struggled at the start of the run going up those grass banks but at least they propelled you into the home staight on the way back. I had done a couple of brick sessions using the bike course and last years run course, fail to see how it could be described as flatter.

    Had a great day but it's the only one i've done so can't compare it. Chip timing would have been good though.

    Finished in 325th with splits: 00:11:58, 00:41:20, 00:26:04, 01:19:22

    Well done as well to Bullet and Limeycat
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