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PB but still 204th!!!

Just back from the Bala Standard where i managed to register my PB for the Olympic Distance of 2h 18m 24s - Checking the results i finished 204th!!! - The standard was amazing!!! What a race though amazing scenery, fantastic bike course and the sun was shining, even the run through the caravan site was fun.

I think the swim was longer than 1,500m tho, i did it in 30min, i did the Great North Swim yesterday in an identical time and that was 1,600m - I'm not complaining tho, a PB, a fantastic race also a great freebie towel instead of a t-shirt...


  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Organisation was an utter shambles though.

    204th is very good! It was a qualifier for next year's Euros so there was a very high quality field. Both mens and womens race winners were from Team ActiveInstinct (Philip Graves team). I was actually in the queue for transition with the guy that won - with his Specialized S-Works Transition, which was a very nice bike indeed. (Actually there wasn't an elite race, should they have been there at all? I'm never quite sure how it all works)

    So don't beat yourself up over being 204th. That's still in the top 30% and a PB is always good. My PB got me to 507th (2.38).
  • Great times Jules and IronABS! Gutted I missed this one...
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