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Any light recommendations?

As the nights are drawing in earlier and faster, I am looking for a front light for road and off road use.
I was looking at £100 budget and the Hope Vision 1 looks good.
Anybody have this light or can recommend anything else please?


  • There's some light reviews in this months Cycling Plus - and www.bikeradar.com is always good (it's Cycling Plus's website).
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i use a fenix l2d torch with a 2-fish handlebar mount. it kicks out something like 180lumens in turbo mode for about £65, and takes standard AA's in case of emergeny.

    i used it all last winter on unlit roads and it was really good, turbo mode does last about 90mins or so though so there is lots of charging to do to keep it bright.
  • I would strongly recommend you have a look at FENIX lights, Ive been using these hunting torches for about 2 years and they piss all over almost every light for the money!!

    I have a TK10 which throws out an astonishingly bright beam (250 lumens roughly) and on 18650 re-chargable btys outlasts most competition. Got mine for about £60 with bike mount. I wouldn't use another light they are fantastic.

    Buy the Batterys and charger from dealextreme and they will cost you a fraction of the price over here........
  • Wow, those Fenix lights look good and are a lot cheaper than the "proper" bike lights! Thanks for the heads up.
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