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Hi all,

Just to join in with the all the injury posts today - my sore, wobbly knee has been diagnosed as a medial collatoral ligament tear. Apart from icing and rest (yeah, right) any magic bullets anyone could suggest?

Many thanks



  • Glucosamine Sulphate and Cod Liver Oil are meant to be good for joints
  • Oh dear.

    Not running.
    Ultrasound might be something you can get which isn't too expensive. Never sure how well it works though.

    Rest, eat well.

    Hmm.. but rest is the most important thing.
  • Thanks people,

    Yes - not running was suggested to me by the physio. Hmmmm. I'm being offered some treatment, no idea if this will involve ultrasound, but I did have that once a long time ago for a wrist tendon injury (complete rupture) as part of the rehab process and found it of minimal use.

    My diet is pretty good, and I take olive oil and hemp oil with my food (I'm vegetarian) so I hope I'm covered in terms of trying to heal fast.

    Would there be any benefit in strapping it? I very rarely get injuries so I'm not really sure what's a good idea and what's not. In 44 years I have pulled a hamstring once, ruptured wrist tendons, had one torn calf muscle (rookie runner's injury in my case) and now this. All bar the calf were cycling-related too!

    Anyway, many thanks

  • Hi Blurred Girl,

    Just a quick note re your knee - make sure it's not a meniscal tear or even an anterior cruciate ligament tear. Your accident history (from an earlier post) is a dead ringer for either - medial ligament tears usually heal themselves in 4-6 weeks unless the rupture is complete, which is rare. If you want free info, have a look at www.hipandkneeadvice.com which is my website. As a fellow duathlete/budding triathlete (if only I could swim) I'm more than happy to dish out free advice though it's always a bit tricky when I haven't met the punter/injured limb!

    Good luck!
  • Hey, thanks for that. I'm fairly sure it's not a cruciate injury - my cat did that once and he couldn't walk. I don't even have much swelling, it's just certain movements that cause sudden severe pain and then there's a general background throbbing.

    But will check your website - it's kind of you to respond. I'm so frustrated! I have history of illness, but injury is a fairly new experience for me. The physio yesterday said no running

    Cheers, off to look at your site now...

  • Hmm.....

    Would put money on it being a meniscal tear. Either way, an MRI scan will clinch the diagnosis. There should be somewhere local to you where you can self-refer if you want. It usually costs a couple of hundred quid (about the same amount you'd spend on the 4-5 events that you can't enter at the moment!!)

    Let me know how you get on & if you need any help email me from the website.

  • @bg: Any locking of the knee (i.e. can't straighten it)?
    Does it feel hot at all? Is it red?

    I had a meniscal tear. Symptoms: Wouldn't get better after many weeks. Lots of swelling after running (like a melon). Lots of pain. Enough to wake you up in the night if you caught your legs in the bed clothes. A pain point which the physio thought was a ligament strain, but tuned out to be a cyst where the excess fluid was leaking out through the meniscus. I didn't have any locking of the knee though!
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