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Run VO2 Max Self Test!!

Following on from the V02 Max testing thread I came across this on the Fire Service website (who use VO2 Max to test applicant fitness) when searching for somewhere I could get it done locally. It's for running and I assume is different from VO2 Max done on a bike??!?

"Take your distance achieved in your 12 Minute Run Test in metres and subtract 504.9. Then divide the result by 44.73. This is your approximate VO2 Max. As your cardiovascular fitness improves, this figure will go up, although it is limited by your genetic inheritance. In other words, we blame the parents."

The 12 min run test:

"This will show your aerobic fitness, or the ability of your body to use oxygen to power it while running. The score from this test can also be used to give you your approximate VO2 max score.

The Test
Find a running track or set a treadmill to level 1 incline to mimic outdoor running. Complete a thorough 15 minute warm up.

Run as far as you can in 12 minutes. A flat out sprint will not be possible so pace yourself but push as hard as you can go. If you overdo it and have to slow down, do not stop - walking is allowed.

Compare your results to the chart below.

Age: under 40

Over 2,700m - Excellent
2,300m to 2,700m - Good
1,900m to 2,299m - Average
1,500m to 1,899m - Below Average
Less than 1,500m - Poor

Age: over 40

Over 2,500m - Excellent
2,100m to 2,500m - Good
1,700m to 2,099m - Average
1,500m to 1,699m - Below Average
Less than 1,400m - Poor

Testing yourself regularly is great for checking your progress and is a useful motivational tool. If you can see your scores and times improving then it spurs you on to continue to better your results."

I'm going to give this a blast at the gym monthly as it'll be neat to see any fitness improvement in training diary.
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