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So I was in Windsor yesturday for the first time ever. Thought I would check out what I had seen on TV when it comes to the tri course.

It looks like the run has a bit of a hill by the castle. I am thinking it might be my A race for next year? Is it worth it?
Is it a good course or is the whole thing over hyped?


  • Did the sprint this year Baz and loved it. Fantastically well organised, great location but yes, that hill is an energy sapper!

    We were pretty lucky this year as well as it hadn't rained much before the event so the river flow wasn't too bad. In previous years its been pretty quick apparently and you swim against the current for the first half.

    The cycle course is pretty good too. A few small climbs... rolling terrain rather than hilly with a couple of long descents where you can really get your speed up. Run is three laps so plenty of support all the way round.

    I'm definitely looking at doing the OD next year.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Dave - You have painted a good picture of it in my mind! So when does registration open?
    OD sounds an iteresting option. That must be a bitch of a swim if the flows quick!!!!

    I see you there then Dave. We will have to finish the day with a pint!
  • Hi Baz, I did the Olympic distance this year and it was great. The swim was good as it wasn't flowing too strongly. Bike route is a good challenge with a great downhill back into the town. Run is flat about apart from the castle hill. There are good crowds that line the route and get you round, followed by a choice of pubs and restaurants for post race celebrations
  • I did the Olympic distance and loved it. Would definitely recommend, well worth breaking the bank for. The bike route is really nice just one big lap.
  • My first Olympic event and pretty much my local Tri..

    Highly recommend it. good course, cycle is ok if slightly long, the run is quite good as the support is excellent. I did London too this year and would go back for Windsor in a heartbeat, but not to London..

    I think I might make Windsor my annual event to see where I am Vs previous years..

    I believe entries are now open??
  • Not yet......just checked.
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