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First major crash of the season :-(

Well it had to happen - hit a pothole whilst going down a great piece of road, doing about 40kph and lost the front wheel causing a rather spectacular crash...[:(][:(][:(]

I slid about 16 feet on my head (well helmet - now needing replacement) took my knuckles on my left hand down quite deep and removed most of the skin from my left knee....but the biggest problem of all is the huge pain in my chest, a long wait in A&E later I was kindly told that everything was superficial, you will hurt a lot tomorrow and as far as your chest goes it makes no differece whether you have broken ribs or not the treatment is the same - do nothing[:@]

Great I feel like I have been beaten up - I have yet to see if my Equinox TTX 9.5 is a write off and I now have a wrecked set of cycling kit - what an afternoon - oh well at least nothing serious was broken - but I do wonder how long this will take to heal.....

Sorry for the rant but today has bee a little frustrating.....

Anyway has anyone else had a bad fall yet this season...please make me feel better that mine was only minor (if expensive)



  • That's pants - I do hope you start to mend sooner rather than later.

    Make you feel better? Well, my cycling husband lost an entire triathlon season and months of cycling last year after a crash broke his collarbone - really nasty. Some twat on the local cycle path just steered right into him. The bike looked written off, but in fact it was all cosmetic and now you wouldn't know.

    I had to wash and dress him for 2 months though. At least that what he told me....

    All the best, I can imagine you're feeling down. Once the bruises go down you'll pick up. Take some arnica - fantastic for helping with bruises.


  • thx for that - I can understand the collar bone injury tho having done that a while back

    I hope to recover quickly as I have a training program to keep to - the UK 70.3 is still there!

  • Mate, i broke my arm falling off mine a couple years ago, was back within 6 weeks on the bike and running you'll be surprised how quickly you will heal up.

    Just look at it as your not gonna have to get out there in the crap weather.
  • Ouch that sounds a lot sorer than my recent little wobble and fall with my new shoes n clips i simply forgot to clip out-landed on the very gravelly road and now have a lot of interesting looking bruises!

    Hope you mend quickly.
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    CombatDwarf... you are a triathlete: You must remember that you should have a positive outlook... so...

    Sounds like a great crash! Nice work! How much new kit will you have to buy? Wooo-hooooooo!

    Come on.. no broken bones, still here to tell us about it. Most sensible people going at 40kph on 2 wheels would be wearing leather and a crash helmet so take every positive you can!

    Hope you can train again soon, though. Is it weird that most people on this forum are probably going to ignore the fact that you have gravel rash and think "Oh no, is the BIKE OK??"

    Get well. Hot bath, Ibuprofen and a big chunk of Soreen for you.
  • Must say things look a touch rosier this morning - still ache like @#[email protected] but hey as you say Bopo I am still here - just had a look at my bike and it looks okay apart from superficial paint damage (how do you tell if a carbon frame is fractured?) but my most expensive loss is my Garmin 405 I sanded the bezel down faily well and all the clothing I was wearing....well at least I was not naked at the end of it...

    ribs still hurt and the blood in the urine is a concern so off for a second opinion at the docs this morning...

    Thanks for the kind thoughts


  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Ouch, sounds nasty, hope you get over it quickly.

    Potholes are a bastard at the moment - the ice recently has made them all even worse than usual.
  • Oooh, nasty, I hope it heals soon. I am not looking forward to crashing, to old now.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Combatdwarf that is not good news in deed. I really hope the bike is ok and gets better soon. Of course the same goes for you.

    I reckonend a rehab of Malt loaf and milk.

    Get well
  • Well at least it gave me an excuse to by a Giro Ionos rather than the old specialised helmet I have now destroyed [:D]

    But I could have done without the moment just before I hit the ground thinking this is going to hurt....

    Bike looks okay only damage to the bulhorns and brake levers (luckily one of the few non carbon bits)

  • Xyzee_ukXyzee_uk Posts: 100
    I wasn't training at the time but I came off my bike at about the same speed on a wet day (yep, idiot!) in September

    As I came off my bike I twisted and ruptured my Tibial Collateral and my posterior cruciate ligaments. Still not able to run.

    So I really feel for you. Good luck and I hope the bike is ok (great excuse to get a red paint job? )
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