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Basingstoke Triathlon Club

Hi All,
wasn't sure where to post this. does anybody have any new contact details for Basingstoke tri squad?
the website is over 2 years out of date, the email adress dont get a reply and the phone numbers don't work! As a new triathlete i was hoping to go along but my friend and i cant contact them (although we did the cotswold sprint tri and there were loads of people signed upunder the club name)

second, if the club is now defunct has anyone any interest in trying to get it going again? 2 recurits right here!
any info appreciated.


  • DanteDante Posts: 22
    Hi there,

    I had the same issue - I live locally (Sherfield-On-Loddon) and have tried to contact the club a number of times. Once I got a response - I think they are a pretty informal club with no structured training or coaching to speak of.

    I'd def. be interested in meeting up or getting something going - perhaps some (small!) group rides over the winter - and training at the Aquadrome? It would certainly help get me out of bed if I thought it was a club session!

  • I tried contacting the club too around a year ago with no joy.
    I'd be in too, and could probably bring up to 5 more with me.
    I'd be quite happy to do as much or as little organisation as required too.

  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    Club details on the British Triathlon website are different. It should get updated yearly (i.e. remove clubs if they don't pay association fee, update with renewal details) so give the new contact a try.

    http://www.britishtriathlon.org/clubs/d ... s/&id=1141
  • DanteDante Posts: 22
    Well i've tried again! If anyone manages to get in touch then please post details here.

    If not, perhaps we can organise a ride one weekend morning?
  • I'm yet another person who attempted to contact them earlier in the year but failed miserably.

    I live in Alton and would be very keen to meet up with people to train together.
  • i have sent an email to the new contact as well - will let you know.
    if not then up for a ride next weekend with anyone that fancies tagging along (me and my mate arent brilliant athletes (yet) but will try and keep up!) we normally do a variation of the highclere castle routes starting in whitchurch, although if anyybody has better then we can try that!
    am out saturday watching the london stage of tour of britain (and drinking sunday night) so this sunday is a write off.....
  • What about the BCTTT ?
  • I too tried unsuccessfully to get in contact with them. Have since realised I can't make most of their training sessions in the week anyway (if they are still as advertised on their defunct website), but would definitely be up for joining a group ride on a weekend.
  • you mean start a basingstoke section?
  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    yeah start a b'stoke section of bcttt...i used to live in sherbourne st john and still have friends there...i'm in lancs now but the bcttt is far reaching my friends..

    do it
  • Virgin to this forum but would love to get this off the ground.
    Are we looking at meeting next weekend as got friends over but can claim i've gone out to get the breakfast.Hot 'n' sweaty bacon rolls anybody?
  • UPDATE: i have had an email back from a member of basingstoke and am calling him tonight to discuss my "needs" with a club. will update tomorrow. to let you know......
  • Yea, CMCH would approve.... why not, think there are some bods already in that area so you could find a training partner/people for group rides etc.

    And might I say - join and the benefits are bloody brilliant... really good.
  • BCTTT Basingstoke section aside, which personally I think is a really good idea, is any one still in favour of a group ride on Sunday?
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    If you fancy a ride on Sunday how about -- http://www.testvalleytour.com/autumn_road.htm

    Its fairly local too.

    Ohh and if you are stuck for rides I go with Andover Triathlon every Saturday am .. 35 to 40 miles usually - I know its a 20 miles from Basingstoke but at least you could get out with a club. We have riders from 20 plus miles away turn up some weekends for the club rides already.
  • Basinsgstoke Tri Club



    Soon there will be an AGM at the beginning of June

    You are most welcome

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