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Wet suit care?? storage??

Hello Forumites,
This post makes me feel like a newbie again.....................
I took the plunge on saturday and bought a wetsuit in the triuk sale. I have a quantum wet suit by FOOR and has to be said I love it.

I was told stuff in the shop whilst it was fitted and the endless pool swim bit but I have forgotten most of it due to the amonut of questions andwsers and chit chat that went on!!!

So could anyone tell me

1. How do I store the suit? On a hanger in a bag? I know I need to keep it out of sun light.

2. When washing it out after use do I just use cold fresh tap water?

3. Does it need to be completely dry before storing

4. Do I need to store it inside out

5. Is there a product I need to buy to rub on it to keep in good nik

Sorry for all the question but I an a touch in the dark

I bought the gloves to wear when putting it on and they are good.

Thanks Barry


  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Thank you Mr C!
    If only I was famous enogh to get new one ever year.

    Mind you yours must get alot of use feeding the sharks around the volcano island!
  • Rinsing with cold tap water is fine, you generally want to get rid of any saltwater as the salt rots the zip and fatigues the suit - if you've been in the sea, not as serious for lake or river water. Do it every time as soon as you get home, and avoid the tendency to leave the suit to rot in the boot of your car and you'll get one or two extra years out of it. I tend to hang mine on a line in the shed with a few old tiles underneath so I don't have a permanently wet floor rotting away. I don't particularly like hangers as they stretch the suit slightly but that's because I have a lot of heavier suits, for a tri suit shouldn't be a problem. End of season, you can get a wetsuit conditioner (most surf shops should have them) which you soak it in and rinse off so when you come back the next season it's still supple and ready for the water. Keep an eye out for any nicks, etc. from nails and catch them early before they become rips - 'Black Witch' glue is great for mending them.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    read somewhere about flipping the legs over the shoulders on the hanger to stop the stretchy thing going on....as I can wait until next decade & no one will send me a new wetsuit....Wetsuit conditioner? Really?
    What if your suit has never seen salt water..is it advisable? Or just another product to sell us fools?
  • It's not that important just nice to do at the end of the season, to take out oilstains and anything else water can't shift. Costs about the same as a bottle of shampoo which is pretty much what it is, I don't think anybody's thought about putting a triathlon label on it and doubling the price yet - if they have, go to a fisherman's shop and get the stuff for waders -same thing.
    Again, if you're not in saltwater you don't have to be as careful, the only salt likely to corrode your suit is from your own sweat, but if your suit honks like mine after a swim on a warm day, it's best to give it a rinse just to keep significant others happy!
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Thanks for the info dude. I feel much happier with the suit now! Its an expensive item to damage carelessly!
  • i've had my aqua sphere mako for the last 2 or so years, and its still going! i always wash mine and hang it on one of those big suit jacket hangers after use, over winter i fold it carefully and put it somewhere dark and dry. or if you've not used it, leave it in its original packaging!
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