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running without socks

Hi I wonder if anyone can help, to be quicker in transition I decided to run without socks but unfortunately got blisters. Is there any special running shoes that I can buy to overcome this. Any advise welcome please


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    [toPh][toPh] Posts: 244
    I found it just takes time for your feet to harden up and get used to it.

    In the meantime compeed plasters may help.
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    md6md6 Posts: 969
    i found that while adjusting to it using spray plaster then vaseline/bodyglide on the worst areas before training helped quite a bit.
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    Lots of bodyglide anywhere your trainers rub, and just time to get your feet used to it.
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    You've either got to get used to it by going sockless during training, or prevent the rubbing by lubricating (bodyglide / vaseline), or toughen up.
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    Did my first OD yesterday after three sockless sprints. Never had a problem with blisters before, but yesterday.... you guessed it, a nice blister on the inside of my right foot. By the time I finished it was popped and bloody. Lovely. If you heard a scream yesterday that was probably me in the shower.

    Next OD i'll be going down the lube route. Anthing over 10k, its socks all the way.
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    bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    have you trie Talcum powder inside your shoes? I always use loads of talc in cycle and run shoes for sprint and olympic distance races.
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    huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    Maybe ankle socks rolled on the top of the trainers? Just a thought
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    ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    Different shoes do have different liners and seams, so if you think about where your blisters were is there a seam or rough bit of material as you probably won't get past this without changing shoes. Then bodyglide feet pre-swim, talc in shoes or bodyglide friction areas of shoe. Train barefoot, sometimes train with wet feet. Suck up the pain!

    I'm sure I read somewhere about soaking feet in surgical spirit, but can't remember where. Can anyone add to this?

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    Golden rules is practice and prepare:
    So however you plan to race you need to have tried it out.
    Surgical spirit is a good tip and it will harden your skin.
    Also the following can make a difference to blister and rub free running on different days
    Running Surface

    Pre lubing your shoes where the problems are likely to be is a good tip. I'd suggest against lubing your feet as it's too easy to pick up stones sand grit etc on your feet that go into the shoe making it even worse.
    Ouch is best avoided!
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    I've been impressed with the Zoot Advantages, reasonably wide-fitting, no internal seams. Very light, no blisters so far. And dont have the silly (for the UK in my opinion) holes in the soles that the more expensive ones have.
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    I use vaseline around the heel, talc inside and put up with any blisters I get. I usually get a big blister on the side of my third toe. I put up with and too be honest the only time I know about it is when I take my trainers off at the end of a race to inspect my feet. It doesnt affect my running at all because I dont let it bother me, therefore psycologically I couldnt care less about blisters........

    When I have new trainers ill wear them for just general walking around etc and run in them (with socks) after a weeks worth of walking in them.... ill then progress to sockless after one or two runs with socks....
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    Rowers are constantly striving to beat blisters... 2 popular and polar opinions are:

    Surgical Spirit: Toughens up your skin making you less blister prone.
    Moisturise: soft supple skin is equally less blister prone.

    I always went with surgical spirit... if plunging your freshly blistered hands (or in this case feet) into vats of surgical spirit doesn't bring tears to your eyes I don't know what will.

    That said I run with socks and at IMUK my toes were so blistered 2 of my toe nails fell clean off a few days later!
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    dave man, you should've said on the day beforehand, i could've lent you my bodybutter (that now sounds really bad! ) i've got adidas supernovas which are nicely padded but i put bodybutter on the backs and where my feet might rub. Didnt Eddie Ezzard use surgical spirits for his epic marathon thing? he just ended up with blisters on blisters
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    You guys are hard core. Me, I'll wear socks, make up the 30 seconds somewhere else.
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    I run, train and race without socks and am blister free. I used to get blisters, but like gingertri i use Adida Supernova Glides and they are so bloody comfortable that I have bought two pairs. Other trainers last season I had such bad shinsplints that I really thought I couldnt compete, combined with blisters; it was a horrible.. I tried everything, then one day I found the right trainers and have never looked back. I couldnt beleive the right trainers could make such a differnce..
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