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how much difference does it really make!

Finished my last event of the season on sunday, race went well knocked 7 mins off my time the year before in similar conditions (4mins off run time!!).

On the bike leg I wasn't feeling great but was bombing along, when I was over taken at some speed by a chap, who i reconized from transition before the race. I heard him saying he got £50 change out of £2000 for a rather nice looking bit of carbon.
With this in mind I didn't feel too bad, but then a couple of miles down route I was taken again by a chap on what looked like some kind of vintage raleigh with areo bars clipped on! the boy was flying! on what looked a very basic cycle!
I'd say he was a minute quicker than me over 6 miles! I'm on a fairly decent bike too, a standard Specialized tarmac (Elite) with clip on aero bars.

which brings me to the questions

1. how much difference does all the bike kit really make?? I was considering a set of zipp 404 in the sale for £800. But after this I'm buying any more kit! at least for just now!!

2. One for the good cyclists out there, to improve my cycling what is the best investment I can make??
I'm thinking a turbo trainer?



  • Here's my two bob s worth.

    The bike kit will make a difference but more so when you are at peak cycling fitness, I would spend most your time and resources getting there, then consider the bling.

    Best return on money spent, bike fitting. About £100 ( or free ).
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