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Anyone know what's wrong with my bike?


Typical - no probs with my bike until 7 miles into my first od.

Then it creaking/squealing at anything over 5ish mph.

Can anyone help???

No 1 is where it's squeaking.

No 2 is the bung/seal that is now moving round. (didn't find this out until finished the race )

Does it need oiling, replacing? I've no idea...

Can't get it to the LBS until Sat and want to ride before then!!

Cheers guys.


  • Not familiar with road bike wheels but they're just thinner than MTB wheels right?!?

    The squeaking could be the bung rubbing against the hub body or the axle needs some grease. Worn bearings is a long shot if just a squeak I'd think (you'd notice ride quality deteriorate) but check how smooth the axle is anyway.

    Just grease around the axle and get it into the bearings if possible. Put some grease on the back of the bung too if it can't be fixed (which I assume it was at one time).

    Don't use oil for bearings as it attracts dirt and the moving parts will wear quicker than if using grease. Grease lubricates for longer and is better at keeping water out which is handy for headsets, wheel bearings and bottom brackets and a good idea to do it now anyway in prep for any winter riding. Greasing should be done regularly just to keep things running smooth.

    Some wheelsets have a grease port which is a small hole near the axle which you can inject the grease into - easier than taking the bearing cups off but you'll need a bike grease gun/injector or makeshift one.

    Hope this helps.
  • willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    i think your right! New wheels ahoy!!

    CHeers - Might try a bit of oil - it was a really loud screeching - had to get off twice to check it wasn;t the breaks or the wheel rubbing on the frame...
  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    Maybe a collapsed bearing or bearing surface - I would definitely get it checked out asap otherwise a new hub may be essential.
  • willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    Went down the lbs - he listens to me for about 5 seconds - grabs a pot of oil, a quick squirt and it's all sorted

    Was just the rubber seal rubbing on the wheel.

    I really need to learn more about bikes!!
  • willtri wrote:
    ... I really need to learn more about bikes!!
    Build your own!! Taught me everything I need to know and you can do it on the cheap by stripping and rebuilding an old bike.

    You'll be confident enough to tinker with your race bike, make sure its in prime condition before each race and save a fortune on servicing and part replacements. Gear/drivetrain setup is about as hard as it gets but easy once you know how.
  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    Pleased to hear it wasn't anything terminal
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