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specialized transition comp

quite new to tri athlons doing my first h i m sunday, was really after a bit of advice with regards to upgrading my bike, i currently have a claude butler road bike ali frame carbon forks, it's ok but is a entry level bike and would really like to make the step up to buying a tt bike, haven't heard to much about the specialized transition comp but looks a good bike and is within a price bracket of £2000 which is really the top limit for me, has anybody riden one or has some advice to either upgrade to a better road bike with aero bars or go the full way and look seriously at the transition comp.........??


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Bit of advice is to post the question in the General section.

    You'll get a bigger audience. Unfort I'm not the best person to ask about TT's as I've not travelled to the dark side yet.
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