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Kona on TV or tinternet?


Kona is a little way off but I wondered if anyone knows if any UK channels are going to be broadcasting? Obviously there are various internet sites out there that show streams from foreign TV stations, however, I actually at a friends birthday party when Kona is on and wanted to record the broadcast. Ideally a highlight packages, I don't feel the need to sit through the hole thing, but I would like a bit more than the rubbish half hour you normally get at 3am on five!



  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Prob the rubbish half hour then...
  • I'm hoping that we'll see the BBC take more of an interest next year after their babysteps with the ITU.
    Catching up with it on iPlayer has been great.
    Obviously it's had a lot to do with the London Olympic route being used in August but then the BBC could see a Brit win on the cards with Brownlee, so we got the Final as well.
    Hopefully Chrissie Wellington's domination, and the likes of the Bayliss's and Catrina Morrision will rattle someone's cage over there!
    If they do, we'll soon see a proper sponsor stepping up for IMUK! Redbull perhaps, Conehead?
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