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Does it get easier?

My son (11) and I (41) want to take up tri's next year, so we have been going for some swimming lesson once a week. the distance is getting there (about 400m) but not all at once. I have to stop every length or two. A few times I breathe right and roll etc and it feels effortless, then it all goes to pot and I'm taking in water!
We can only manage swimming once a week at the moment due to costs. Would be better if I didn't pay the teacher £10 for the lesson each week but we have leant so much from her.
Can we do it by swimming once a week? And does it get easier to do more distance? I'm sure we will be on the startline next year. Does seem a long way off though!


  • Keep it up mate. It gets easier - however a word of warning - Swimming is not like cycling and running where more miles is the key. Swimming is 70% technique 30% fitness. Take your time over the winter perfecting the stroke and come the new season you will be swimming well but coming out of the water feeling fresh.

    Try looking up total immersion on the web - really good if you are just starting.

    The more you swim the better - but always focus on technique - as soon as you feel your concentration going stop and regroup - focus on tehnique and the fitness will come.

    However I am not a coach so maybe someone else will come along who is.....
  • Thnks for your reply. I have had a look at the Total Immersion site, looks very informative.
    Will keep plugging away and try to get down to the pool more often.
  • Good advice there. Try to enlist a friend to help train you which would save you £10 a week. You could also trawl the internet and youtube for tips. There are plenty of resources on swimming tips. Also, joining a triathlon club may be a good idea. The one in my area only costed £15 annual membership and for that I got as much help as I asked for, and more.
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