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Making a Sports Drink

A little while ago on here someone gave a website that you could blend your own sports drink and could change carb/protein percentage and all that stuff. Anyone remember or recommend somewhere I can do the same?


  • andissandiss Posts: 82

    "good ingrediences"
    coconut juice
    organge juice

    typical recipe online

    hopinso's mineral replacer:
    two quarts pure water (I use distilled)
    3/4 cup fresh lemon juice-for plant based minerals
    1/4-1/2 tsp natural Sea Salt -trace minerals and make water easier absorbed by cells
    1/2 cup natural sweetener (evaporated cane juice, Maple syrup, sorghum) provides minerals, plus sugar is important for absorption.
  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    Infinit nutrition

    http://www.infinitnutrition.eu/getstart ... onials.asp

    Is this what you mean? you can blend your own personal mix or they do a standard mix for runnining ,cycling.
  • RaphaRapha Posts: 14
    What is the price for having it customised? You would need to know a lot of info to know exactly what composition you want in the drink.

    Has anyone tried them before and what did they think of it?
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